Players with an Intellectual Impairment Pathway

Looking to get started in tennis? Follow our player pathway to get involved:



1. Get started


Contact your Member Association to see if there are any Open Days/Come and Try Days or tennis programs for players with an intellectual impairment coming up near you.

Other organisations you can contact for more information include:


2. Participate

Find a PWID tennis program at a club near you:

> Find a club


3. Player Development


Find a coach to help improve your skills:

> Find a coach

Attend a state-based Development Camp to improve your skills.

> Contact your state association to learn more about camps

4. Competition


State-based competition

Enter a mini circuit (a series of tournaments) in your state:

> View the complete calendar of events for players with a disability

> Contact your state association

Enter your state championships:

  • Queensland Tennis Championships
  • NSW Open Tennis Championships
  • SA Open Tennis Championships
  • Victoria Open Tennis Championships


The Special Olympics

The Special Olympics is the world’s largest sporting event for athletes with an intellectual impairment. Find out how you can get involved:

> Special Olympics Australia
> Special Olympics

The Global Games

The Global Games is for athletes with an intellectual impairment.

> Learn more about the Global Games

INAS World Tennis Championships

INAS is the International Association of Sport for athletes with an intellectual impairment. INAS manage elite competition and promote inclusion worldwide.

> Learn more about the INAS World Tennis Championships



Tennis Australia
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Sport Inclusion Australia – Robyn Smith
T: +613 5762 7494
E: [email protected]