Beach Tennis

What is Beach Tennis?
Beach Tennis is a fun and fast-paced sport where the point ends when the low-compression orange tennis ball hits the sand.

How is Beach Tennis played?
Always played in doubles, it’s fun, social and uses a lower compression ball and special stringless paddle. There’s a no bounce rule and the scoring is the same as tennis but there is no advantage. 

History of Beach Tennis
Introduced in Italy in the late seventies, the sport has spread around the globe, including many European countries, Brazil, the US and Australia. Today, there are more than 53 countries where beach tennis is recognised as an official sport.

Beach Tennis in Australia
Beach Tennis is a summer fixture on the beaches of Perth, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

Annually, several international beach tennis tournaments are delivered within Australia through established Beach Tennis clubs.

Where can I play?
There are several opportunities to participate in Beach Tennis along Australia’s coastline. Your Member Association will be able to help you find a place to play.