Over the past two years, we have been developing and delivering a strategy focused on the identification, introduction and integration of emerging racquet/paddle formats.

Observing global participation trends, as well as compatibility with tennis and tennis facilities, we have focused our efforts on Padel, Pickleball, POP Tennis and Beach Tennis.

Comparative to tennis, these formats all share the playing properties of ‘smaller court, shorter racquet, slower ball’, making them highly accessible to a broad range of participants.

We recognise the positive impact complementary formats can have on the sustainability, accessibility and vibrancy of our tennis network.

Tennis Australia supports the strategic integration of these formats to:

  • Attract and retain players
  • Increase court utilisation
  • Improve the sustainability of our venues.

It is recommended that the integration of these formats not come at the expense of well-utilised tennis facilities or tennis programming.

The tennis community can expect to see more information, education and resources to assist the strategic integration of these formats. Once introduced there will be further exploration of associated club, coaching and competition opportunities.

For now, we will continue to provide regular updates as we begin to more formally integrate these formats into the Australian tennis network.

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We have put together a guide with everything you need to know about complementary formats
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Padel is a sport played on an enclosed court which allows the ball to be bounced off the walls of the enclosure with the tennis scoring system – a mix of tennis and squash.
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POP Tennis
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POP Tennis is the closest complementary format to tennis played on a smaller court with a lower compression tennis ball that allows for longer rallies and more fun.
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Beach Tennis
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Beach Tennis is a fun and fast-paced sport where the point ends when the low compression orange tennis ball hits the ground.
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Pickleball is a low impact sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis, focusing on reflexes, reactions and smart positioning of the ball rather than power and speed.
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