About Deaf & Hard of Hearing Tennis

Tennis Australia, in conjunction with Member Associations, is committed to embracing diversity by ensuring our sport and events welcoming, safe and inclusive for everyone. We believe that being inclusive is reflecting the diversity of our local communities and that everyone should have the opportunity to be included and engaged through tennis in a way that is positive and meaningful.

Inclusion is about providing choice for people to participate in sport in a way that they feel comfortable. As well as, mainstream tennis opportunities, there are a variety of deaf and hard of hearing initiatives that people can choose to participate in.

As well as mainstream tournaments tennis also provides a range of elite competitive pathway opportunities:

  • National Camps
  • Deaflympic Games
  • World Deaf Tennis Championships
  • Asia Pacific Games for the Deaf

Click here for information on Tennis Australia’s Deaf & Hard of Hearing Talent Pathway.













Our commitment

Tennis Australia is committed to increasing opportunities and accessibility to tennis for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people through:

  • Engagement with stakeholders and community
  • Educating clubs and coaches
  • Providing pathway opportunities
  • Creating equal playing opportunities through community events and tournaments


We are proud to work alongside our partners to grow the game for our deaf and hard of hearing participants across Australia and around the world. Our partners have guided us on updating policies and procedures, ensuring inclusion of people who are deaf or hard of hearing to participate in tennis at all levels, whether that be as a player, official, spectator, volunteer or staff.

Deaf Sports Australia

Deaf Sports Australia (DSA) is a peak body organisation that assists Australians who are deaf and hard of hearing to participate in sport at all levels and compete at sanctioned national and international events including Australian Deaf Games, Asia Pacific Deaf Games, and the Deaflympic Games.


Success story

A partnership between Tennis Victoria and Guthrie Street Primary School led to the creation of a regular tennis clinic for deaf and hard of hearing students: