About Deaf & Hard of Hearing Tennis

Are you wanting to get active, meet new people and participate at your local tennis club?

Tennis can help you connect to a range of opportunities where you can be involved in tennis activities and programs at your local club. We also have pathway opportunities as mainstream tournaments and elite pathway programs where you could potentially represent Australia at the Deaflympic Games, World Deaf Tennis Championships and Asia Pacific Games for the Deaf.

Am I eligible?

Code Hearing level loss Eligibility Tennis Australia events
AU0 0-39 dB 3FAHL Not eligible to compete in DSA- or ICSD-approved events Mainstream tennis tournaments
AU1 40-54 dB 3FAHL Eligible to compete in DSA-approved events Рe.g. Australian Deaf Games, National Deaf Championships
  • Mainstream tennis tournaments
  • Australian Deaf Games
  • Australian Deaf Tennis Championships
AU2 55 dB or more 3FAHL Eligible to compete in AU1 events plus ICSD-approved events (e.g. Deaflympic Games, World Deaf Championships) and Australian National Sporting Organisation controlled events
  • Mainstream tennis tournament
  • Australian Deaf Games
  • Australian Deaf Tennis Championships
  • World Deaf Tennis Championships
  • Asia-Pacific Games for the Deaf
  • Deaflympic Games