World Tennis Number

Over the past several months, Tennis Australia has been working to share eligible match results with the ITF for the purpose of calculating a player’s World Tennis Number (WTN).

Eligible match results from the past 7+ years have been shared, however, for the majority of players there is no action required or obligation to register for a WTN.

The Universal Tennis Rating (UTR Rating) remains the Official Rating of Australian Tennis and will continue to be used as our primary rating system in Australia.



By providing the ITF directly with all eligible match results from Australian Tennis, a player’s WTN rating will remain up to date which will facilitate improved eligibility to enter ITF tournaments.



I do not have a WTN…

What is a WTN?
A WTN (World Tennis Number) is a tennis rating which is used as an entry criteria for some international tournaments, including ITF sanctioned tournaments.

Do I have to register for a WTN?
No, only players who are intending to compete in ITF sanctioned or international tournaments should register for a WTN.

If you intend to enter an ITF sanctioned tournament (Juniors& Masters) a WTN is required.

Note: Only players who register/are registered for a WTN will have their match data provided by Tennis displayed on the ITF/WTN website. All other data is anonymised until a player chooses to register for a WTN.

How do I register for a WTN?
If you wish to register for a WTN, you must email this request to [email protected] and provide your full name, email associated with your Tennis ID and your Tennis ID. You will receive an email with a unique registration link to register for your WTN.

Will the WTN be displayed in Match Centre?
No. If you have registered for a WTN, then the rating will not be displayed on any TA systems such as Match Centre. Your WTN rating will only be displayed on your ITF/WTN profile.

Where can I find more info about the WTN?
More information about the WTN can be found here:

Is ITF WTN replacing UTR Rating?
No, WTN is not replacing the UTR Rating. The UTR Rating will continue to be the Official Ratings provider for Australian tennis and will continue to be used across all forms of competitive play events to determine entry, seeding/grading and player selections.

What is an ‘eligible’ match result?
An eligible match result is any match result where all players in the match have a Tennis ID and the score is captured on a valid software. These include Tournament Planner and League Manager/Match Centre.


I have a WTN…

Do I need to do anything differently?
No – there is no action required. You just need to be aware Tennis is now sending all eligible results to the ITF for which your WTN rating will be calculated on.  

Why have more match results appeared in my WTN/ITF profile?
Tennis has shared all eligible match results within our systems with the ITF. This will continue from now on.

I haven’t played recently, why has my WTN rating changed?
Tennis has sent some historical match results to the ITF which are now appearing in your profile. This means your WTN rating is now more accurate than before.