Facility Loan

What is it?

The Tennis Australia Facility Loan Scheme financially assists affiliated Australian Tennis Clubs, Centres and Associations with upgrades, replacements and improvements on their tennis facilities, by providing low interest loans.

A Club, Centre or Association will often embark on a project utilising grant monies from local government and/or state government, as well as their own funds. The Tennis Australia loan is to assist in shortfalls the Club may have in funding their project after other avenues of funding have been determined.

Who is it for?

Any club undertaking any facility development work is advised to contact its Member Association Facilities representative to discuss the project with them.

How do I apply?

Applications for a facility loan must be made through the Member Tennis Association in your state.

Please download the Expression of Interest form, complete the information (either electronically or hand written) and forward it to your Member Tennis Association.

The Member Tennis Association will review the Expression of Interest form and, if appropriate, will work with the club to complete the full application form.

Is there any other funding available?

Applicants may also wish to consider the National Court Rebate Scheme (NCRS) as part of the total financial package to ensure the project has the capacity to be resourced properly.

Got a question?

For more information contact your respective Member Association Facilities representative.

Facility Loan Guidelines