What is the Sunshine Coast Tennis League?

The Sunshine Coast Tennis League is a weekly regional fixtures competition involving 25-30 clubs across the Sunny Coast, showcasing and encouraging the best way there is to play tennis in the region, in teams! Over the last 4 years the competition has expanded to over 100 junior teams and 600 players with match play opportunities for adults and juniors. To find out how you can get involved enquire within at your local club, as you must be a member of a club to play.

UTR – Universal Tennis Rating

Since the announcement of the partnership between UTR and Tennis Australia we have seen the considerable use and growth of ratings based competition. There is now a high percentage of events that utilise ratings for both entry and/or grading purposes which encourages level based play. Whilst the SCTL has used ratings to grade its players and teams since its inception, the SCTL is excited to announce that all eligible fixture results will automatically feed into UTR. This means players can compete in their local fixtures and keep their UTR up to date as well as potentially improve it.

The criteria for a match to count towards UTR is as follows:

  • All players in the match must have a Tennis Australia tennis Account
  • All players have a valid Date of Birth
  • Not a match with Modified balls i.e. Not a Green, Orange or Red Ball match

Please contact us here [email protected] for more information

Please click below for instructions on how to join tennis (Tennis Account)


Wednesday Night Adult Doubles

  • Format
    • Four players per team (Gender Neutral)
    • Doubles only
    • First to 6 (Tiebreak at 5-5)
    • Sudden death at second deuce
    • 6 sets per match
      • R1 – Set1 – 1&2 vs 1&2    Set2 – 3&4 vs 3&4
      • R2 – Set3 – 1&3 vs 1&3    Set4 – 2&4 vs 2&4
      • R3 – Set5 – 1&4 vs 1&4     Set6 – 2&3 vs 2&3
    • 2 ½ hours
    • 7pm Start
    • $80 team registration fee (nonrefundable) – paid to the SCTL
    • $15 per week/player – Paid to the host venue
    • Balls Supplied

Season 2, 2022

  • Entries Close – 1st May, 5pm
  • Grading Meeting – Wed 3rd May
  • Round 1 – 16th June
  • Final – 31st August
  • Non playing dates -29th June & 6th July

Click here to enter

Season 3, 2022

  • Entries Close – 29th Aug, 5pm
  • Grading Meeting – Wed 31st Aug
  • Round 1 – 7th Sep
  • Final – 23rd Nov
  • Non playing dates -21st & 28th Sept

Friday Night Singles and Doubles – Click here to enter

The Pennant Reserve divisions of the Junior fixtures will now be open to all ages. This will allow our better junior players to compete with higher rated adults to help improve their game as well as their UTR. Play will begin at 6pm and each match will consist of 5 singles and 1 doubles with each player receiving 2 singles and 1 doubles on the night.


Updates – Start & Key Dates (Current Competitions)

Monday Night Adult Mixed – Click here to enter

Season 2

  • Entries Close – 17th July – 5pm
  • Grading Meeting – Monday 18th July
  • Appeals Open – Wed 20th July 5pm
  • Round 1 – 25th July
  • Final – 21st Nov
  • Non playing dates -19th, 26th Sept & 3rd Oct

Junior Fixtures – Click here to enter

Juniors Season 2

  • Entries Close – Monday 23rd May, 5pm
  • Grading Meeting – Wed 25th May
  • Round 1 – 3rd & 4th June
  • Final – 26th & 27th Aug
  • Non playing dates – 24th & 25th June, 1st & 2nd and 8th & 9th July

Juniors Season 3

  • Entries Close – Monday 22nd Aug, 5pm
  • Grading Meeting – Wednesday 24th Aug
  • Round 1 – 2nd & 3rd Sept
  • Final – 25th & 26th Nov
  • Non playing dates -16th & 17th, 23rd & 24th and 30th Sept & 1st Oct

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