Part 1 – Well Managed

1. Is your club incorporated? Is it well governed?

Incorporation provides a legal identity for a club, separate from that of its members, which relieves the members of the committee and the club from liability for authorised acts of the club.

Instructions for becoming an incorporated club can be found at the Consumer and Business Services website

2. Does your club have a risk management policy to protect participants and volunteers? If the club employs staff, does it have a Work Health and Safety (WHS) policy?

All tennis clubs need to put in place strategies to deal with the risks of providing services. If your club is an employer (a PCBU), it is required to operate within the 2012 WHS Regulations. If you only have volunteers at the club, you still have a common law obligation to ensure the safety of all volunteers, a risk management policy will serve a similar purpose.

For a sample Risk Management Policy, please see the link below.

Risk Management Policy Template

As a part of your Risk Management Strategy, a Risk Management Plan should be completed for areas such as:

  • Participants safety (Facilities, Equipment & Environment)
  • Coaching
  • Financial
  • Legal / Insurance
  • Human Resources (volunteers and paid)

A Risk Management Plan (Risk Assessment) template can be found below:

Tennis Australia Risk Assessment Template

3. Is your club affiliated with the state or national body for your sport?

Joining Tennis SA as an affiliate will contribute to the long term future of your school/club/association. It will also allow your organisation to enjoy a range of different initiatives offered by Tennis SA and Tennis Australia. For further information, please view the Tennis SA Affiliation page

4. Has your club reviewed and updated its constitution and regulations (by-laws) in the past two to three years?

A constitution governs the way a Tennis Club is run and needs regular review to ensure that it allows the club to grow and develop with time. Regulations (by-laws) give day-to-day guidance to members on processes and procedures the club has in place to operate. It is vital to review your club’s constitution and regulations regularly to ensure they meet any requirements arising from changes in legislation.

Template_Tennis_Club Constitution

5. Does your club have a strategic document/plan for the next three to five years?

The Strategic Plan of a Tennis Club provides a brief snapshot of where the club is aiming to be in five years’ time.

Tennis SA Strategic Plan Template

For more thorough planning, it is recommended that Tennis Clubs have a current five year business plan, incorporating a strategic plan.

Tennis SA Five Year Business Plan Template


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