Green Ball State League (Winter)

The revamped Green Ball State League is an exciting association-based competition, that offers the most talented u/11 players in the metro area the chance to continue to develop their skillset while competing against the top players in their age group.


Six associations are involved, these are:

– Eastern Districts Tennis Association
– Glenelg Districts Tennis Association
– Hills Tennis Association
– North East Tennis Association
– Southern Districts Tennis Association
– Western Districts Tennis Association

  • The duration of the competition will be 8 weeks, allowing each team to play each other once
  • Matches will be spread across the winter and played on Tuesday Nights from 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • To be played at a central location (Tennis World Millswood)
  • Each team to consist of two boys and two girls
  • Matchdays will contain four singles, two same gender doubles and two mixed doubles matches, each rubber will be first to four.



Online nominations close: Tuesday 14 May
Competition Dates:

  • Week 1 | Tuesday 21 May
    Week 2 | Tuesday 4 June
    Week 3 | Tuesday 18 June
    Week 4 | Tuesday 2 July
    Week 5 | Tuesday 23 July
    Week 6| Tuesday 6 August
    Week 7 | Tuesday 20 August
    Week 8| Tuesday 3 September


Player Nomination 

  • Any player affiliated with one of the six associations may nominate to compete within the Green Ball State League Competition.
  • Each Green Ball State League player must be a minimum of 8 years of age at the start of the season and be no older than 10 years of age as of the first round, a player may turn 11 part way through the season.
  • To nominate, contact your association representative.



Eastern Districts Tennis Association Barb Le Cornu [email protected]
Glenelg Districts Tennis Association Malcolm House [email protected]
Hills Tennis Association Graeme Goldsmith [email protected]
North East Tennis Association Brandon Oster [email protected]
Southern Districts Tennis Association Anne Morgan [email protected]
Western Districts Tennis Association Elaine Caldana [email protected]