Part 3 – Volunteers Managed

11. Does your club provide its volunteers/staff with induction information?

Good clubs give volunteers and staff clear guidelines for their roles and responsibilities and a briefing on policies and procedures that apply to them, especially those working with children. Volunteers and staff have legal obligations to report suspected incidents of child abuse that they may observe in their roles, and the club needs to make them aware of this obligation.

An induction manual template for volunteers can be found below:

Volunteer Induction Manual Template

12. Does your club have a volunteer/staff management policy in place?

Good clubs will have in place a written volunteer management policy. This helps show the club’s commitment to finding, keeping, and backing the best people. A volunteer coordinator position may help your club manage and retain your volunteers and their accumulated skills and knowledge to pass on to others.

Please see the Volunteer Management Plan Template below:

Volunteer Management Plan

13. Does your club recognise and reward its volunteers/staff?

Volunteers need to feel valued. Recognising and rewarding their efforts will be appreciated and is important when encouraging volunteers to continue in their roles.

There are many ways to recognise and reward volunteers. Some are free and very simple and others require a lot of planning and cost money. The template below will provide you with many ideas.

Volunteer Recognition Ideas Template

14. Are young people encouraged to take up leadership roles in your club?

In general, young people are full of fresh perspectives, enthusiasm and ideas. If you have youth members in your club, talk to them and find out what would entice them to volunteer. If you are unfamiliar with the latest technology, speak to the younger members about them helping in this area of your club. Volunteering can help youth add value to their CVs, complete academic subjects and obtain scholarships (such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award). Use these as incentives for this group.

15. Does your club have a succession plan?

To keep your tennis club active and growing, the organisation needs to plan for the time when key people move on. Having a succession plan in place to support and develop people to take over key roles ensures the club stays strong and grows with time.

Tips on preparing a succession plan

Volunteer Handover Procedures


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