Junior Association Events

13s and 15s Compass Draw, Tennis World Millswood

November 2018

Associations will be represented by 2-3 teams in both respective age groups in a compass draw. Teams of four players – 2 boys and 2 girls. participating teams may each get a minimum of three matches. Players should contact their local association for details on how to play.

WTC Les Tapp OAM Junior Inter-Association

January 2019

The WTC Les Tapp OAM Junior Inter-Association events are four person team events with players representing their respective tennis associations. All players are provided with an opportunity to participate in a team atmosphere across 10/U, 12/U, 14/U & open with various graded levels depending on ability level.

Junior Coordinators

Western Districts Tennis Association (WDTA)
Elaine Caldana
08 8250 8007
[email protected]

Eastern Districts Tennis Association (EDTA)
Barb Le Cornu
0417 822 839
[email protected]

Southern Districts Tennis Association (SDTA)
Anne Morgan
0414 267 280
[email protected]

North East Tennis Association (NETA)
Brandon Oster
0438 006 744
[email protected]

Glenelg Districts Tennis Association (GDTA)
Malcom House
0434 075 514
[email protected]

Hills Tennis Association (HTA)
Bill Walter
0408 275 159
[email protected]