What do we do?

With the support of Tennis Australia, Tennis SA has appointed a Tennis Development team, with members who are employed to work collaboratively with our affiliate members to improve access to our Clubs, courts and the sport, as well as innovate in the delivery of tennis wherever possible.

Club Development Officers (CDO) and Regional Officers (RO) are available to assist you with;

  • Tennis systems (inc. ClubSpark, Bounce, Affiliation and Membership)
  • Clubs and Venues (inc. Book a Court, Gate Access, Governance, Training and Support and Venue Development)
  • Competitions  (inc. Hot Shots Leagues, Cardio and Social Tennis, Junior/Adult leagues and Match Centre Software)
  • Programs (inc. Tennis Hot Shots, Cardio Tennis, Inclusion & Diversity programs)
  • Schools (inc. National School Partnership Program (NSPP), School Competitions and Sporting Schools)
  • Coaching (inc. Recruitment, Relationships and Development)

Who are we?

Please find the locations and contact details for the Tennis Development Team:

Tennis Development Team 
James Pick
Head of Tennis Development
[email protected]
Sarah Horgan
Regional Tennis Manager
[email protected]
Luke Doughty
Schools & Pathway Manager
[email protected]
Adrian Dezen
Club Development Officer (Metro South)
[email protected]
Jessica Gardner
Club Development Officer (Metro North)
[email protected]
Corey Tugwell
Regional Officer (Country North/West)
[email protected]
Luke Taylor
Regional Officer (Country South/East)
[email protected]
Bradley Pool
School Development Coordinator
[email protected]
Jack Crispin
School Development Coordinator
[email protected]
Joel Kerley
Coach Relationship & Education Manager
[email protected]
Katelyn Pope
Women and Girls/Program Pathway Coordinator
[email protected]
Tammie Wightman
Tennis Development Support Officer
[email protected]


Telephone contact for all staff members is through Tennis SA Reception on (08) 7224 8100