Regulations and Code of Behaviour

2021 Summary of Changes

Australian Money Tournament (AMT) and Junior Tournament (JT) Platinum and Gold series tournaments will not be announced in the first instalment of the calendar, with only Silver and Bronze series tournaments being available. With continued uncertainty on border closures, this will allow players to compete within their own state/territory.

Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR) will be used for entry and acceptance in to tournaments, with seedings to be based on Australian Rankings. The current suspension of Australian Rankings will be lifted on 1 January 2021.

A frequently asked questions document is now available here.

The Australian Ranking Tournaments calendar for 2021 will be released in multiple parts with the first instalment to include the January to March period. During this period, a variety of tournaments will be held around Australia to provide many playing opportunities across the country.


Code of Behaviour

This Code of Behaviour applies to all players, coaches, parents/guardians and spectators participating in or attending a Tournament in Australia.

Tennis Australia, its Member Associations and Affiliates are committed to providing every member of the Australian tennis community a welcoming, safe and inclusive tennis environment that promotes the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of all participants.

Participants are the custodians of the sport of tennis, and responsible for upholding the spirit of tennis.

As we continue to prepare for the return of Australian Ranking Tournaments from 1 January 2021, Tennis Australia has released a new Code of Behaviour National Policy.

This new Code of Behaviour is effective immediately.

> View Code of Behaviour: Tournaments and Competitions


2021 Australian Tournament Regulations

The 2021 Australian Tournament Regulations are now available, with sections added/modified underlined accordingly.  You will notice that all rules covering both the AMT and JT circuit are covered within one document.  However when needed, sections within the document refer to AMT’s and JT’s only and even further, various requirements across each level.  The Australian Ranking (AR) Rules and Regulations are included in this document (see Appendix 1).

> View the 2021 Australian Tournament Regulations

> Further information around the FAST4 scoring format can be found here.

Rules of Tennis (ITF)

The International Tennis Federation regulates the Rules of Tennis. The complete Rules of Tennis are available on the ITF website. Rule Books are available from your Member Association.

> View the Rules of Tennis on the ITF’s website

> Video: Officiating – Introduction


Extreme Weather Policy

The policy is designed to protect competitive tennis players from injury and illness that may result by playing tennis in extreme weather conditions.

> View the Extreme Weather Policy


Australian Ranking Tournaments Dress Code

Like most sports in Australia, tennis has certain requirements for players’ dress and equipment. These requirements vary depending on the type and nature of the event.

> View the Australian Ranking Tournaments Dress Code


Tennis Etiquette and Procedures for Matches Played without a Chair Umpire

The Rules of Tennis, as published by the ITF, assure the presence of a Chair Umpire or other officials to determine and interpret particular situations. Rules for non-umpired matches cover certain situations where players are determining their own matches.

> View the tennis etiquette and procedures for matches played without a chair umpire


Correcting Errors

The correcting errors documents provide clear answers to situations where a Rules of Tennis error is made.

> View the Correcting Errors document