Part 4 – Positive and Welcoming

16. Does your club comply with Equal Opportunity (EO) principles?

As an affiliated club, you are expected to abide by the Tennis Australia Member Protection Policy. Equal Opportunity principles are covered in this policy.

17. Does your club treat people from all cultural backgrounds fairly and with respect?

Good tennis clubs encourage all members of the community to become involved with the club and provide a welcoming environment for everyone. The club is committed to ensuring that all people, regardless of their cultural background and ability, have equal access to sport and recreation opportunities. Good clubs also consider how their off-field behaviour, such as their social functions, can reflect this openness.

For more information on cultural diversity training, please click here.

18. Does your organisation manage the behaviour of its supporters and spectators?

Codes of behaviour should be used to clearly state your club’s expectations of players, coaches, officials, volunteers, parents and spectators. A template Code of Behaviour for these parties.

The Tennis Australia Code of Behaviour for weekly competitions.

19. Does your club provide options for members experiencing hardship?

Good tennis clubs show commitment to their potential and existing members through good and bad times and find that commitment is reciprocated. Consider offering loaned equipment or uniforms, reducing or waiving fees, or providing scholarships.

Consider also allowing members that are experiencing hardship to have their membership fee waived if they bring on board a sponsor for the club. A suggested arrangement would be to have the value of the sponsorship at least twice that of the membership fee. This way, the club gains money from the sponsorship as well as allowing the member to play.

20. Does your club have processes in place to deal with complaints or conflict?

A good tennis club is well prepared to deal with complaints and issues that may arise from incidents of harassment, discrimination, bullying or abuse. Procedures need to be in place to prevent situations getting out of control and causing long-term damage to the club and its members.

As an affiliated club, you are expected to abide by the Tennis Australia Member Protection Policy. Processes to deal with complaints or conflict are covered in this policy.


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