South Australia

2024 Super 10s Winter Season


What is Super 10s:

The Super 10s is a competition for the up and coming 10 and under Tennis players within South Australia. This competition allows the best 10 years old & under to come together and enjoy competitive match-play against their peers in a fun team environment while receiving on court assistance and tactical guidance from our Super 10s coaches.

The Super 10s is targeted to advanced players who are already showing a good level of commitment to the sport with regular coaching and competitions. Athletes who are selected in the super 10s program may aim to transition later on into our 11&U Zone squads and Tennis Australia’s National Development Squads regrouping the Top State boys and girls aged 11&over.

Competition Format:

8 Teams of 4 boys and 4 girls (32 players in total). Each player will play both singles and doubles on each round for a total playing time of 2 hours. The competition is played with green balls. The competition is not UTR sanctioned and players receive on court assistance from our Super 10s coaches.

When is it:

Super 10s Winter Season is run over 10 rounds on Sunday mornings during Term 2&3. We do our best not to clash with local weekend tournaments such as JDS so we may run a double round on some Sundays.  Sessions are usually at 9.30-11.30am at Millswood Tennis Club If you register for the Super 10s Challenge Day, please make sure you are available on most Sundays. If you are selected, you will be asked to commit to the whole season.

Eligibility Criteria:

Abilities: Super 10s is targeted to competitive 10&U boys and girls who are already committed to their tennis and playing competitions. Eligible players need to be 10 years old or under for at least half the season (players cannot turn 11 y.o. before June 30, 2024). This competition is not suitable for beginners or kids aged under 8 y.o.

Guideline of competencies:

Key Competencies (with green or yellow ball):

  • Able to consistently serve overhead from the baseline. Continental grip desirable.
  • Experience in playing local competitions and tournaments
  • Rally crosscourt for 10–15 shots with spin. Use acceptable grips for Forehand & Backhands
  • Able to play a competitive tennis match: know where to stand in singles and doubles, knows how to score etc..
  • Able to move efficiently to sustain a rally on a full-size court
  • Display independence; pack their own bag for matches and practice, warm-up routine and able to play a match


A total cost of $300 for the season (10 rounds) and $20 for the Selection Day.

Selection process:

Participants need to register to the Challenge Day (see below). They will be invited for a 2 hour session during which they will compete against other players in their respective age group. Our Super 10s Coaches, will evaluate their skills and competitiveness on the day. 16 girls and 16 boys will be selected to compete in the Super 10’s season.

The selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Meet eligibility criteria
  • recent tournament & competition history, UTR and results
  • competencies (listed above)
  • Overall competitiveness and results during the challenge day
  • Attitude and behaviours: efforts, focus, sportsmanship

Selection Day: Sunday 5th May 2024

Location: Millswood

Times:  Players will be invited to a 2h session between 9am and 2pm. They will be allocated a specific session time closer to the date depending on the number of participants. More info on the Selection Day page.

Registrations close on April 21st, 2024.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER to the upcoming Challenge Day: SA – Super 10s Trial Day: Winter Season, 2024

Registration Instructions:

To register as a member and obtain a National Member ID which allows registration for the selection day, please follow the below instructions: (Please note this is different to your Tennis Australia ID)

  1. Click the event link below to begin the registration process.
  2. Select Register and then ‘South Australia’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. You will be sent an email with username, National Member ID and a password reset

*For those who have already obtained a revolutioniseSPORT log in, simply log in using the above link and register.

For any issues regarding the Super 10’s registration process above please contact Gemma Harper – [email protected]

For any questions regarding the Super 10s program, please contact Sacha Vlamynck at email [email protected]


Players shake hands. KARA TYSON