Tennis SA Life Membership

Tennis SA Life Membership requires that a person has contributed outstanding and exemplary service in a leadership capacity to Tennis SA or to tennis more generally in South Australia or Australia over at least a ten year period should be considered for a Life Membership.

The Tennis SA Constitution limits the number of Life Memberships that can be awarded to a maximum of two in any one year.

Nominations for the Tennis SA Life Membership are to be made by letter to the Tennis SA CEO. All nominations will be assessed by the Tennis SA Board and endorsed by the Tennis SA Council.

Recipients will receive:

  • A Tennis SA Life Member certificate, pin and glassware gift
  • Acknowledgement in the Tennis SA Life Members Honour Board, Annual Report and website

Nominations are invited to be submitted in writing to the CEO by either 30 April or 30 September of each year.

How to nominate:

Compose a letter to the Tennis SA Chief Executive Officer. Receipt can be by either post or email.

Achievements in the game of Tennis for SA to include in the letter:

  • What key state wide events, competitions or functions have they been involved in for a minimum of 10 years?
  • What significant contribution by way of leadership, management or facilitation of beneficial changes has this person made to tennis across the state of South Australia for a sustained period of over 10 years?

Mr R. Green
Mrs P. Semmens
Mr D. Dall
Mr N. Guthberlet
Mr C. Altman
Mr B. Cossey AM*
Mr N. Messenger
Mr P Smith
Mr K Thiele

Mr RE Dorling
Mr WLB Freeman OAM
Mr KL Litchfield
Mrs P McClean
Mr DW Plunkett
Mr NH Pope
Mr DF Robinson
Mr AE Rose
Mr L Tapp OAM
Mr AL Thompson OAM
Mr GE Whitehead
Mr L Yard JP*

Mr GB Addison
Mr GR Battye
Mr K Berriman
Mr LJ Bills
Mr MA Boyce
Mr FC Bromley
Mr RD Burr
Mr WH Carlier
Sir DRW Cowan KB
Mr WLB Freeman OAM
Mr O Gellert
Mr T Gray OAM
Mr MJ Groth
Mr LF Heylen OAM
Mr RB Hone ED
Mr EFW Hunwick
Mr TJM Linn
Mr B Love
Mr WN McPherson
Mr JDC Nelson
Mr FE Piper CBE
Mr JG Riordan OAM
Mr AE Rose
Mr LG Shaw
Mr AE Specht
Mr L Tapp OAM
Mr AR Thiele
Mrs GJ Thiele
Mr RL Tucker*