Part 2 – Coaches and Officials

6. Do you support your ‘mum and dad’ coaches by providing them with information on available courses and resources for beginner coaches?

Volunteer ‘mum and dad’ coaches can be supported through Tennis Australia Coach Development courses and qualifications. The Intro to ANZ Hot Shots course is a great starting point for volunteers and those new to tennis coaching.

For further information on courses, resources and training, please visit the Tennis Australia coaches page.

7. Does your club use accredited coaches, instructors and officials?

Tennis clubs should be using coaches with a Tennis Australia qualification. Details on Tennis Australia Coaching qualifications are available here.

8. Does your club provide codes of behaviour for all club coaches, instructors and officials to abide by?

Codes of behaviour should be used to clearly state your club’s expectations of players, coaches, officials, volunteers, parents and spectators. A template Code of Behaviour for these parties.

The Tennis Australia Code of Behaviour for weekly competitions.

9. Are sideline trainers (or First Aid officers) in attendance during club training sessions and matches?

It is recommended that all clubs have a qualified first aid officer at the club for matches and training sessions. Tennis Australia qualified coaches will have a valid first aid certificate as part of their qualification, as will people in many other professions.

Why not check with players and/or parents if they have a current first aid qualification and if they are willing to be the nominated first aid officer for the period they are at the club?

For volunteers or employees looking to gain a first aid qualification, the following organisations offer relevant training:

Australian First Aid

St John Ambulance Australia

Australian Red Cross

10. Does your club subsidise course and travel costs for coaches, instructors and officials?

Some training courses are expensive and good clubs assist their volunteers to meet the cost of training. Funding to support training of coaches, instructors, sideline trainers and administration officials at your club is available through several sources including:

Office for Recreation and Sport Grants

Office for Volunteers Grants

Local Council Grants – a variety of grants are available through local councils. Contact your local council direct for more information.


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