Part 5 – Safe for All

21. Does your club comply with its legal obligation to provide child safe environments?

All recreation and sport organisations are subject to the Children’s Protection Act 1993, so good clubs have developed policies and procedures to establish and maintain child safe environments.

Your obligations as an affiliate of Tennis SA are outlined in this document:

Requirements for providing a child-safe environment

To assist in meeting these obligations, the following links provide necessary information:

Information on obtaining a DCSI Child Related Employment Screening

Member and Child Protection Risk Management Resource

Upcoming training opportunities for Child Safe Officers and other volunteers

Mandated reporting of child abuse fact sheet

22.  Has your organisation appointed and trained a Child Safe Officer?

A good tennis club will have access to a trained Child Safe Officer who can assist in making new volunteers, staff and participants aware of their rights and responsibilities. Training is free, and provided by the Office for Recreation and Sport to help your club provide a ‘child safe’ environment.

More information on the role of a Child Safe Officer and the free training available can be found at:

23. Does your club promote ‘Play by the Rules’ online training?

Good tennis clubs promote ‘Play by the Rules’ online training for coaches, officials, administrators, parents and participants. Free online resources and training are available to make sport inclusive, safe and fair. Completion of the training supports your club’s member protection policies and will keep your members well informed and up to date.

24. Has your organisation adopted a hot/extreme weather policy?

The Tennis Australia Extreme Weather Policy, below, is the default policy that your club should adopt. Please also check with your local association, as they may have different policies in place for extreme weather.

25. Does your club promote a positive, drug and alcohol-free junior sport environment?

Whether your club has a liquor license or not, it is important that all members, particularly young people, can enjoy an atmosphere where alcohol is managed in a responsible and considered manner.

The Good Sports Program offers a simple but effective three-step accreditation process to improve the way alcohol is managed at sporting clubs.


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