Tennis NSW is committed to embracing diversity by ensuring our sport and events are welcoming, safe and inclusive for everyone. We believe that being inclusive is reflecting the diversity of our local communities and that everyone should have the opportunity to be included and engaged through tennis in a way that is positive and meaningful.

Inclusion is about providing choice for people to participate in sport in a way that they feel comfortable. As well as mainstream tennis opportunities, there are a variety of deaf and hard of hearing initiatives that people can choose to participate in.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Tennis Eligibility

Below is an outline of the Eligibility Criteria to participate in our programs and events:

Code Hearing level loss Eligibility Tennis Australia events
AU0 0-39 dB 3FAHL Not eligible to compete in DSA- or ICSD- approved events
  • Mainstream tennis tournaments
AU1 40-54 dB 3FAHL Eligible to compete in DSA- approved events
e.g.: Australian Deaf Games, National Deaf Championships
  • Mainstream tennis tournaments
  • Australian Deaf Games
  • Australian Deaf Tennis Championships
AU2 55 dB or more 3FAHL Eligible to compete in AU1 events plus ICSD- approved events
e.g.: Deaflympic Games, World Deaf Championships and Australian National Sporting Organisation controlled events
  • Mainstream tennis tournaments
  • Australian Deaf Games
  • Australian Deaf Tennis Championships
  • Word Deaf Tennis Championships
  • Asia-Pacific Games for the Deaf
  • Deaflympic Games

For those who are keen to elevate their skills into national and international competitions, there are also additional pathways that lead into the Australian Deaf Games, World Deaf Tennis Championships and Deaflympic Games. In order to represent Australia at sanctioned deaf sports events, all participants will be required to meet the eligibility criteria as outlined below.

Please click here for the classification procedures to be classified in tennis.

Please click here for Tennis Australia’s AUSLAN Interpreting Guidelines.

Talent Pathway

Click here for information on Tennis Australia’s Deaf & Hard of Hearing Talent Pathway.

Deaf Sports Organisations