Youth Advisory Group

The Tennis NSW Youth Advisory Group (YAG) has been created by Tennis NSW to ensure Tennis NSW is game focused and prioritises player welfare. It is designed so that the Tennis NSW Board and Management team are able to receive direct input from youth on issues of importance to them relating to tennis in the most interactive and effective way possible.

The YAG will also give young people the opportunity for growth and personal development, whilst gaining an insight into a state based sporting organisation. It is also a way for Tennis NSW to ensure that young people can participate in decisions that affect them, are taken seriously, and can express their views on their participation in our sport.  This is consistent with Tennis NSW’s approach to being a child-safe organisation and in line with the national principles.

The YAG’s role is to:

  • Identify areas of importance for children and young people
  • Assess what currently happens in the sport of tennis in these areas
  • Make recommendations to Tennis NSW in relation to improving these areas

YAG Structure and Eligibility Criteria

  • Comprised of up to twelve members (Members) who are actively participating in tennis
  • Members must be registered players of a Tennis NSW affiliated club and 14-21 years of age at time of application
  • Member over the age of 18 must hold a valid Working With Children Check
  • The YAG will be chaired by a Tennis NSW staff member who will arrange and preside over meetings, as well as report findings and make recommendations to the Tennis NSW Board and Management team
  • A second Tennis NSW staff member will act as secretary and prepare the agenda and the minutes of the meetings and record any recommendations.  The secretary may act as alternate chair in the chair’s absence or unavailability.

Benefits of becoming a YAG Member

Becoming a YAG Member will allow individuals to:

  • Become part of a group of individuals that network with professionals at Tennis NSW
  • Contribute to decision making at Tennis NSW
  • Develop better understanding of Tennis NSW processes and systems
  • Have the opportunity to have their voice heard on matters that affect their playing experience
  • Undertake professional development and enhance skills, especially in terms of communication, leadership, teamwork, being a committee member and influencing the decision making process
  • Serve as a liaison, bringing any issues/suggestions/feedback to Tennis NSW administration at meetings
  • Gain a better understanding of the Tennis landscape in Australia and internationally
  • Suggest, develop and implement solutions related to creating a more vibrant tennis community

Meeting logistics

Meetings will take place four times per year and will be held digitally using virtual meeting software.  Meetings will be scheduled for approximately 90 minutes in duration and will be set at a suitable time for junior participants to avoid impacting their school or competition schedules.

Click here to view the Terms of Reference for full details of the YAG