Tennis Taster

A Tennis Taster is a free tennis opportunity for your school. Our main purpose is to give kids an opportunity to experience the sport with the hope that some will choose to start their tennis journey at a local club and lead active, healthy lives.

We also think teachers deserve a break, so we can help by taking over some of your PE classes, setting up some mini courts at lunchtime or even run a modified tennis competition for your school, we’re very flexible!

Your school just needs to provide a flat playing area e.g., a basketball court or school hall, we provide all the equipment, and the program is delivered by Sporting Schools Endorsed Coaches that are fully vaccinated, with support from members of the Tennis NSW team.

To book a Tennis Taster experience for your school, please click here so a member of our team can get in touch.

Receive two complimentary adult tickets to the 2023 Sydney Summer of Tennis when you participate in our Tennis Taster.