Life Membership

Tennis NSW life membership honours people who have provided exceptional service to Tennis in NSW over a long period of time. Nominations for Life Membership can be made at any time but should be submitted prior to 31 August to be assessed and awarded at the Tennis NSW Annual General Meeting in November of that year.

To nominate someone for life membership, please download and complete the form below and submit it to [email protected].



Tennis NSW Life Members

Name Awarded
Bill Gilmour OAM 2022
Greg Doyle 2016
Wendy Saville 2014
Harry Beck 2013
Mick Parslow OAM 2012
Brian Armstrong 2012
Todd Woodbridge OAM 2007
Carol Langsford OAM 2007
Paul Wigney* 2005
Ken Rose 2005
Stan Pedersen* 2004
Beryl Collier* 2003
Malcolm Bergmann OAM 1999
John Whittaker OAM 1997
Jan O’Neill OAM 1994
Evonne Goolagong-Cawley AO OBE 1994
Margaret Court AO MBE 1994
Lesley Bowrey AM 1994
Joan Bathurst* 1994
Tony Roche AO OBE 1990
Des Nicholl AM 1988
John Newcombe AO OBE 1987
Iris Mason* 1987
Victor Taylor QPM* 1986
Thelma Coyne Long* 1985
Geoff Pollard AM 1984
AD Gray OAM* 1982
Dorn Fogarty OAM* 1982
KC Sheel OAM 1981
Hon LA North AM* 1981
WV Austin 1980
James Russel MBE AM* 1978
James Leggatt* 1978
Ken Rosewall MBE AM 1977
Adrian Quist* 1977
Henry Hopman OBE* 1977
Lewis Hoad* 1977
John Crawford OBE* 1977
John Bromwich* 1977
Cecil Morgan 1976
H Robert Paxton* 1974
Sylvia Harper* 1975
Reginald Gostelow* 1974
HC (Dick) Seddon* 1971
Roy Phillis* 1971
Charles Donohoe* 1971
Jack McCall* 1970
Allan McAndrew* 1970
Dorothy Dingle* 1970
George Sample* 1969
Esca Stephens MBE* 1968
Clifford Sproule OBE* 1968
Alex Colvin* 1968
Floris Conway* 1965
Jack Chalmers* 1965