Council Support

Councils play an integral part in getting more people playing tennis more often. In understanding this Tennis NSW is committed to working with Councils to create and implement evidence-based strategies that support the long-term vision for tennis and wider community.

The importance of tennis has never been highlighted as much as during COVID-19, as we settle into the new norm, we see tennis playing an essential part in the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals and communities alike.

To create Thriving Tennis Venues, it is imperative that Councils engage Clubs, Coaches, Facility Operators and most importantly the playing public. To assist in this process Tennis NSW has developed TennisRestart.

TennisRestart will be central to the collaborative approach aimed at developing tailored strategies that drive progressive outcomes and positive social impact.  On the back of TennisRestart Tennis NSW will be able to assist Councils in developing plans that meet the current and forecast needs of the tennis playing and broader population.

Contact your Regional Tennis Manager for further information pertaining to:

Sustainable Practices
Leasing and Licensing
Asset Management
Facility and Participation Audits
Developing infrastructure projects and related technical information
Funding opportunities and support for grant applications
Developing and informing Local Tennis Plans – to help shape the critical strategies and plans that govern the current and future local network of tennis facilities