Mental Health & Wellbeing

Playing tennis is not just a great way to keep fit, have fun and meet new friends, this sport for all ages also rewards its participants with significant psychological and social gains.

ATP Cup Legacy Fund

The NSW ATP Cup Tennis Legacy Fund (the Fund) is an initiative established by Tennis NSW and the NSW Government, as a result of securing the ATP Cup Group and Finals matches in Sydney from 2020.

Under Category 3, eligible projects include new or expanded participation Initiatives – Programs that promote diversity and inclusion prioritising multicultural communities, people with disabilities and female participation.

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Rally 4 Ever

Rally 4 Ever aims to create a new frontier for mental health by helping people thrive through physical activity and human connection. This event was a fantastic way to introduce the objectives of the program and to give people a real and practical sense of what it is all about.

Founder of Rally 4 Ever Louise Pleming, former professional tennis player, coach and Grand Slam commentator had the opportunity to share her story of Rally 4 Ever and create awareness in how positive movement can be for our mental health.

There are a number of Rally 4 Ever programs across NW that you can get involved in.

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Mood Active

Mood Active help people to get started and sustain using exercise to improve their mental health, with the aim is to offer affordable exercise programs and we provide the extra outreach, coaching support and supervision needed when people are struggling with their motivation

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Health & Wellbeing Benefits of Playing Tennis

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