The Tennis Country Management Committee (TCMC) is a Tennis NSW Board Sub Committee set up to deliver tennis activities within the six regions of NSW outside of Metropolitan Sydney and further, provides strategic advice to the board of Tennis NSW on all matters relating to Tennis in Country NSW.

The Tennis Country Management Committee oversees the Regional Match Play Committees and provides governance and strategic leadership for the delivery of Tennis in Country NSW.

The six regions the Tennis Country Management Committee holds responsibilities and oversight for are:

  • South West Region
  • South East Region
  • Central West Region
  • Northumberland Region
  • North West Region
  • North East Region

The Board of Tennis NSW has approved the Terms of Reference, governing the operations and functions of the Tennis Country Management Committee, which can be found here which further outlines the responsibilities of the Committee. Key responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the regional committees in each Tennis Country Region
  • Providing strategic advice to the Board on tennis activities in Regional NSW and providing guidance to management on the administration of tennis activities in Regional NSW
  • Developing a Country Tennis Strategy aligned to the Tennis NSW Strategy
  • Developing the TNSW Tennis Country Grants scheme
  • Administering the Tennis Country budget
  • Delivery of the Annual Tennis County Championships
  • Creating a clear line of communication between the Board, Regional Working Groups, and other regional affiliates
  • Ensuring that robust governance practices are implemented in tennis across regional NSW that encapsulate the principles of stewardship, accountability, and transparency

The Tennis Country Management Committee consists of two Directors of Tennis NSW, one of who will be the chair of the Tennis Country Management Committee, one Tennis NSW Management Representative (Non-Voting) who will also provide administrative assistance to the committee and one representative from each of the six regions of Tennis Country who will also act as the Chair of their respective regional match play committees.

The Tennis Country Management Committee may also comprise of several miscellaneous members to compliment the committees’ skills set and diversity, at the discretion of the Tennis NSW Board upon recommendation of the Tennis Country Management Committee.

All members of the Tennis Country Management Committees undertake extensive background checks, including working with children checks, national police check and are bound by the same code of conduct and ethics as directors.


The Current Tennis Country Management Committee:

Brett Bevan – Chair & Director Tennis NSW

Errol Carney – Director Tennis NSW

Jaslyn Hewitt-Shehadie – TNSW Management Representative.

Alex Silcock – Northumberland Region

Gordon Munro – South East Region

Matthew Hort – South West Region

Richard Price – Central West Region

Dion Andrews – North East Region

Luke Powell – North West Region



Regional Match Play Committees 

The Tennis Country Management Committee (TCMC) are pleased to call for expressions of interest from volunteers interested in appointment as a member of their Regional Match Play Committee (RMC), a Sub Committee of the Tennis Country Management Committee.

The RMCs are established to develop competitive match play opportunities in their respective region and further to provide advice to the Tennis Country Management Committee relating to competitive play priorities for their respective region. Members of each RMC will be appointed for an initial 2-year period expiring on 31 July 2023.

The RMC’s have been restructured as part of the review into tennis in regional NSW and the report produced by Mike McLaughlin along with the recommendations adopted by the Board of Tennis NSW.  The duties and objectives of the RMC’s are outlined below:

  • Create and maintain a clear line of communication between members within the region, Tennis Country, and the Tennis NSW Board
  • Advising on, and maintain a Regional Strategic Plan
  • Develop and administer regional and zone develop squads alongside the national development squad
  • Develop and administer a regional competitive play calendar to help player and athlete development
  • Develop and deliver new key regional events including inter and intra-regional competitions, tournaments, and leagues
  • Select regional representative teams and appoint suitable team managers
  • Manage, maintain, and promote regional social media accounts in line with Tennis NSW policies
  • Assist to develop and administer their regional budget in line with regional and country strategic plans
  • Undertake any other tasks as determined by Tennis Country from time to time

Each Regional Match Play Committee will comprise of up to 10 Members, including their respective country delegate (RMC Chair) and Regional Treasurer.

Ideally each Regional Committee will comprise of its Country Delegate (Chair), Regional Treasurer, Representative Player Selector, Competitive Player Selector, Regional Communications Coordinator, Regional and Zone Squad Coordinator, Regional Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator and up to 3 additional Miscellaneous Committee Members.

Any person may nominate for appointment as a member of their Regional Match Play Committee by completing the attached expression of interest form.  Nominees should email by 5.00pm on Saturday 31 July 2021 to their Regional Administrator and attach the nomination form.

All validly submitted nominations will be reviewed by the Tennis Country Management Committee after consultation and consideration with local affiliates.  Members will be selected on the merit of their application; personal skill sets and knowledge of Tennis, noting that diversity in terms of committee composition will be considered. It is anticipated that appointments will be made at the Tennis Country Management Committee Meeting on 17 August 2021, with immediate effect.

Position Descriptions:

Please find below a position description for each of the relevant positions and those interested are encouraged to read the position description for more information on each of the positions.

Nomination Forms:

Please find below a nomination form for each regional committee.

For any questions please refer to the contact details on the nomination form.

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