Expressions of Interest – Members of the Tennis Country Strategic Advisory Panel

Tennis New South Wales Ltd (TNSW) is seeking expressions of interest from the community for volunteers interested in appointment as a member of the new Tennis Country Strategic Advisory Panel (CSAP), formerly known as the Tennis Country Committee, a standing committee of the TNSW Board.

The CSAP is established to provide advice to the Board and management relating to key strategic priorities for tennis in regional and rural New South Wales. Members of the CSAP will be appointed for an initial term to end at the AGM in 2022 and thereafter on an annual basis.

The CSAP is being established as part of the review of tennis in regional NSW and the report produced by Mike McLaughlin (Review).  The Review recommended a range of initiatives to strengthen the governance arrangements across tennis in regional NSW that have been adopted by the Board. The TNSW Board has also endorsed in principle a revised Terms of Reference for the CSAP, which includes the mission, duties and responsibilities for the committee:

  • Promoting the advancement of tennis in Regional NSW by:
    • Overseeing the regional committees in each Tennis Country Region
    • Providing strategic advice to the Board on tennis activities in Regional NSW and working closely with management to administer tennis activities in Regional NSW
    • implementing the recommendations of the Tennis Country Review as adopted by the Board, including but not limited to:
      • upholding its mission during the period of transition as set out in the Terms of Reference
      • developing a Country Tennis Strategy
      • developing the TNSW Tennis Country Grants scheme.
    • Creating a clear line of communication between the Board, Regional Working Groups and other regional affiliates
    • Advising in, and maintaining a Country Tennis Strategy
    • Ensuring that robust governance practices are implemented in tennis across regional NSW that encapsulate the principles of stewardship, accountability and transparency
    • Upholding the values set out in the 1-Tennis Behaviour Framework (yet to be developed) throughout New South Wales to uphold a positive environment for the tennis community.

The CSAP will comprise of up to nine Members, including both country-elected TNSW Directors, Brett Bevan and Errol Carney, a TNSW management representative and between four and six members from the country regions. The Board has appointed Mr Bevan to Chair the CSAP.

Any person may nominate for appointment as a member of the CSAP by providing written notification to the Company Secretary. Nominees should email [email protected] by 5.00pm on Sunday 11 April 2021 and attach the CSAP Member Nomination Form here and a nominee statement in accordance with the instructions set out in the form.

All validly submitted nominations will be reviewed by the Board and may be delegated to a working group for further consideration. Members will be selected on the merit of their application, noting that diversity from the various country regions. It is anticipated that appointments will be made at the TNSW Board meeting on 20 April 2021, with immediate effect.

You should read the nomination form carefully and note the obligations of members of Board Standing Committees, including the requirements to provide a current Working With Children Check and National Police Check. It should also be noted that the Board Entitlements Policy is currently under review. The Tennis NSW Board Code of Conduct & Ethics can be accessed here.

Questions about the nomination process should be directed to [email protected].

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