Tennis NSW is the largest of the eight state and territory member associations and currently supports 511 Clubs, Associations and Court Operators and over 100,000 registered participants.

It is Tennis NSW’s role to coordinate, manage and promote the sport of tennis in NSW and in doing so, support and service our Members. Our core purpose is to help everyone in NSW have fun playing tennis for life (more people playing more tennis for longer).

Tennis NSW is governed by a Board of Directors:

  • Kim Warwick – President & Court Operator
  • Warren Green – Independent
  • Andrew Mitton – Country/Coach
  • Helen Magill – Country
  • Ryan Henry – Metro
  • Brian Morris – Metro
  • Melissa Achten – Miscellaneous
  • Wayne Swaysland – Miscellaneous
  • Lawrence Robertson – CEO

The Tennis NSW organisational structure is based around six key business units with access to a shared services team provided by Tennis Australia (TA) based in Melbourne, VIC.  A number of the NSW teams also include TA staff based in NSW which are integrated into the structure as well.

Tennis NSW’s Strategic Plan can be found here.

The key departments and business units in NSW are as follows:

Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence Robertson

ATP Cup General Manager

P: (02) 9024 7609
E: [email protected]

Heads of Department

  Chris Woodland

Head of Tennis Operations

M: 0401 791 189
E: [email protected]

Matt Starr

Head of Participation

M: 0403 046 445
E: [email protected]


Clare Serafini

Head of Marketing, Communications & Member Engagement

P: (02) 9024 7635
E: [email protected]

Member & Business Services

Tiarnna Spice

Member Services & Communications Manager

P: (02) 9024 7621
E: [email protected]

  Michelle Howe

Club and Member Services Coordinator

P: (02) 9024 9625
E: [email protected]

Tayla Wilson

Member Services & Marketing Assistant

P: (02) 9024 7624
E: [email protected]


  Jessica Parrot

Executive Assistant & Business Services Coordinator

P: (02) 9024 7644
E: [email protected]

  Joanne Sippel

Australian Tennis Museum Curator

P: (02) 9024 7629
E: [email protected]


Nikita Sayle

Participation Operations Coordinator

P: (02) 9024 7653
E: [email protected]

Daniela Scivetti

Participation Team Leader, Metro Sydney

M: 0431 003 137
E: [email protected]

Matt Edwards

Participation Team Leader, Country
Participation Leader, Central West

M: 0437 668 276
E: [email protected]

  Ken Wray

Participation Leader, North West

M: 0488 330 125
E: [email protected]

Kylie Hunt

Participation Leader,
North East

M: 0488 095 836
E: [email protected]

Maurice Murphy

Participation Leader, Northumberland

M: 0448 813 526
E: [email protected]

Kristina Pejkovic

Participation Leader,
South East

M: 0429 062 914
E: [email protected]

Brendan Lee

Participation Leader,
South West

M: 0458 243 472
E: [email protected]

  Paul Conroy

Participation Leader, Sydney Metro

M: 0466 317 251
E: [email protected]


Jonathan Bence

Schools Development Coordinator

M: 0456 623 048
E: [email protected]

John Ferguson

School Development Coordinator

M: 0412 005 491
E: [email protected]

Mark Barreca

School Development Coordinator

M: 0409 248 212
E: [email protected]

  Lauren Ford

School Development Coordinator

M: 0466262853
E: [email protected]

Tournaments and Competitions

Michael Spry

Tournaments Manager

P: (02) 9024 7605
M: 0412 138 874
E: [email protected]

Susan Harris (Maternity Leave)

Tournaments Manager

P: (02) 9024 7606
M: 0478 490 944
E: [email protected]

James Tucker

Competitions Manager

P: (02) 9024 7654
E: [email protected]

Nathan Keys

Competitions Coordinator

P: (02) 9024 7737
E: [email protected]

  Roxanne Wain

Officiating Development Coordinator

P: (02) 9024 7631
M: 0481 913 818
E: [email protected]

Rebecca Constable

Tournaments Coordinator & Regional Administrator –
Central West

E: [email protected]

Karen Muller

Regional Administrator –
South East

E: [email protected]


Ellie Ryan

Regional Administrator –
North East & North West

E: [email protected]

Katrina Lees

Regional Administrator –

E: [email protected]

Places to Play

Brett Pettersen

Infrastructure & Planning Manager

P: (02) 9024 7652
E: [email protected]

Sonia Popat

Infrastructure & Planning Project Officer

E: [email protected] 

Shaun Mulraney

Project Leader – Business Development

P: (02) 9024 7602
E: [email protected]

Andy Schymitzek

Business Operations Manager

P: (02) 9024 7638
E: [email protected]

Troy Smith

Projects Leader

M: 0448 141 758
E: [email protected]

Coach Development

Kathy Fahim

Coach Development Coordinator

M: 0466 949 435
E: [email protected]

  Margaret Parker

Coach Development Administrator

P: (02) 9024 7642
E: [email protected]

Marketing and Major Events

  Kim Dannoun

Event Operations Manager

P: (02) 9024 7701
E: [email protected]

  Kyle Miecinski

Commercial Partnerships Coordinator

P: (02) 9024 7702
E:[email protected]


Anthony D’Agata

Event Operations Coordinator

P: (02) 9024 7639
E: [email protected]


Patricia Marcu

Marketing Manager


P: (02) 9024 7703
E: [email protected]

Annika Reiss

Digital & Social Coordinator

M: 0435 556 269
E: [email protected]


National Academy Sydney

Head of Performance Operations & National Talent Development Manager: Callum Beale
National Academy & Talent Development Manager NSW: Jaslyn Hewitt-Shehadie
Development Team 12-15 Girls: Raphael Durek
Development Team 12-15 Boys: Simon Ede
Development Team 16-18 Girls: Ben Pyne
Development Team 16-18 Boys: Jarrad Bunt
Pro-Tour Men’s Coach: Jaymon Crabb
Pro-Tour Women’s Coach: Nic Kriz
Physical Performance Coach: Dr Alistair Murphy
Physical Performance Coach: Matthew Smith
National Wheelchair Coach: Vernon Cheung

Tennis World at Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre

Tennis World Manager NSW, ACT & NT: Tim White
Tennis World NSW, Head Coach: VACANT
Customer Service Coordinator: Tijana Bogdanovic
Leagues Coordinator, Tennis World NSW: Simon Keogh
Customer Service & Coaching Coordinator: Mitchell Tower
Maintenance Coordinator: Adrian O’Connor

TA Shared Financial Services

Beginning 1 July 2013, Tennis NSW commenced a new shared financial services arrangement with Tennis Australia.  The staff listed below are based in Melbourne, VIC but provide financial services to the Tennis NSW business.

  • TA Financial Controller: Melissa Azzopardi
  • TA Shared Services Accountant: Monir Safari
  • TA Accounts Receivable and payable: Donna Godfrey
  • TA Payroll Accountant: Angela Cavarra
  • TA HR Business Partner: Tanya Roach

For more information or to speak to one of our friendly members of staff please call 1800 15 30 40.