Working With Children Check

Tennis NSW Members WWCC responsibilities

Historically, as part of the affiliation process Tennis NSW has requested that members provide Tennis NSW with a list of all their committee members and workers WWCC details. From the 2024/25 affiliation period onwards, Members will be asked to evidence that they are complying with their legal obligation to verify their workers directly with the Office of Children’s Guardian (OCG). This obligation held by Members is not a new obligation, but Tennis NSW is now placing an emphasis on ensuring that Members are compliant.

Please click here for a How to Guide.

Please click here for WWCC verification FAQs.

Please click here to access an OCG WWCC template for your record keeping.

WWCC Verification Process Webinar

This session walks through the Working With Children Check verification process, and how to properly verify your workers with the Office of the Children’s Guardian in order to meet your organisation’s legal obligations.

The WWCC process

Further to the Member Protection Policy, it is a State mandatory requirement as per the Office of the Children’s Guardian that all individuals who work or volunteer in child-related work must obtain a Working with Children Check (WWCC). This check plays an important part in safeguarding children involved in tennis and in providing a child safe and child friendly sport environment.

Your Club, Centre or Association needs to Identify, Notify, Register and Verify!

Identify the roles in your organisation that need a WWCC. Some of these roles in tennis include:

  • All paid roles (including coaches) that involve working with children under 18
  • Volunteer coaches, all committee members, pro shop/canteen personnel, grounds keepers and any other role that interacts with children under 18 (unless exempt)

Notify existing paid workers and volunteers that they need to provide you with a WWCC number.

Register your club online as an employer by clicking here. The OCG considers you an employer if you have any workers (paid AND/OR volunteers) engaged in child related roles. Watch the video here for step by step instructions.

Verify your workers and volunteers, this can only be done through the OCG’s dedicated online verification portal.

In order to verify your workers through the online portal the following steps should be followed:

  1. Create and Employer Profile with the OCG here: Employer registration
  2. Log into your Employer Profile here: Employer login
  3. Enter in a worker’s
    1. family name
    2. birth date
    3. Working with Children Check (WWC) number or Application (APP) number
  4. Click ‘Add’ to add the worker’s details to a list below. Complete the fields for all workers you want to verify.
  5. Once you have added all the worker details you wish to verify, click, ‘Verify’. This will generate a short report indicating the WWCC status of any details you entered.
    1. A person can only be employed or engaged in child-related work if the status is “Cleared” or “Application in progress”
    2. See the OCG’s WWCC status page for guidance on what different statuses mean.

Further support in registering with the OCG and verifying worker’s details can be found at the OCG website here: Help to register and verify

You can also refer to Tennis NSW’s ‘How to Guide’ for verification available here.

Please note that you do not need to verify all your workers in one go. You can utilise the OCG portal as many times as needed to verify all your workers.

Enquiries and Assistance

Tennis NSW Member Protection Information Officer

Email: [email protected]