Tennis Restart

What is Tennis Restart?

Tennis Restart is a strategy through which Tennis NSW engages Clubs, Coaches and Councils to deliver a network of sustainable tennis facilities which are fit for use, welcoming to all, vibrant, accessible and support future growth potential.

The Tennis Restart Assessment will measure overall venue sustainability by using data collected by the Tennis NSW team with the co-operation of clubs and coaches. The 3 key indicators used to forecast venue sustainability are:

Stage of Life Cycle Audit:
  • General condition of playing surface, lighting and fencing
  • Asset management plan
Participation and Governance Review:
  • Nature and participation in the venue across the LGA
  • Survey to collect venue participation and governance data
Operational and Financial Assessment:
  • Assessment of venue health assessing the venues management model and financial sustainability

Once the data is collated, Tennis NSW will provide a report to clubs and councils showcasing the current performance and projected sustainability of venues within its local government area.

The results of the assessments will enable Councils in collaboration with clubs, coaches and Tennis NSW to make evidence-based decisions that will form the base of mutually beneficial plans that foster the growth of the game we love.

A Tennis Restart Dashboard sample:


To find out more please contact your local Tennis Development Officer