3 July 2024 | Tennis NSW

Tennis NSW is proud to announce the establishment of the Tennis NSW Facility Enhancement Fund (FEF), an exciting initiative aimed at fostering investment in community tennis facilities that will see $500,000 invested into grassroots tennis in 2024/25. The FEF seeks to enhance the sport’s accessibility, sustainability, and overall growth by supporting small to medium-sized facility upgrades or enhancements.


  • Fund Purpose: The FEF aims to stimulate investment in community tennis facilities, making them more sustainable and accessible.
  • Eligibility: Small to medium-sized facility upgrades or enhancements typically between $10,000 and $250,000 in total value.
  • Funding Contribution: The FEF may fund up to 25% of eligible total project value or between $2,500 to a maximum of $50,000.
  • 2024 Round: Up to $500,000 has been allocated for eligible applicants in the 2024/25 round.
  • Delivery: The Tennis NSW Facility Enhancement Fund will be directly administered by Tennis NSW.


The FEF focuses on the following key objectives:

  1. Increased Participation: Upgrading facilities attracts more people to participate in tennis.
  2. Enhanced Participation Environment: Improved facilities lead to better participation experiences and positive outcomes for players.
  3. Expanded Tennis Activities: The FEF supports diverse tennis activities that can be delivered at upgraded venues.
  4. Venue Sustainability: Enhancing venue infrastructure contributes to long-term sustainability.
  5. Removing Barriers: Addressing barriers to participation ensures inclusivity.

The FEF supports Tennis NSW’s broader strategic goals of improving the quality and number of tennis venues, maximising venue utilisation, activation and long-term sustainability, promoting equal access for diverse communities, providing enhanced tennis experiences for players, officials, coaches and spectators and lastly, creating and enhancing pathways for performance and competitive play.

The Tennis NSW Facility Enhancement Fund is a vital step toward achieving these goals and is an important part of supporting the tennis ecosystem.

Tennis NSW Chief Executive Officer, Darren Simpson, said “I am thrilled to announce the launch of the Tennis NSW Facility Enhancement Fund. This initiative represents a significant step forward in our commitment to making tennis venues more sustainable and accessible. By investing in community facilities, we are not only enhancing the sport but also creating a lasting impact for tennis.”

Applications will open Monday 12 August. For further information including the FEF Guidelines please visit the FEF website HERE.