28 June 2021 | Tennis NSW

**ADVICE UPDATED 5:30pm WEDNESDAY 30 JUNE** Please click here for the latest advice.

Dear NSW tennis community,

After attending a briefing with the Minister for Sport, the Office of Sport and a NSW Health representative earlier today, Tennis NSW wish to update our advice in regards to our current guidelines and the restrictions being imposed by the current Public Health Order.


Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong Update

The government emphasised that the “spirit” or “intent” was as critical as the Public Health Order itself, and that at this stage the orders are designed to limit movement and large social gatherings (NSW Government community sport).

In regards to the staging of sports or activity holiday camps, the NSW Health representative was clear that these should not be permissible during this period.

Tennis NSW is not encouraging any form of organised competitive play which would attract players from outside of their own club environments. This, for example, would include UTR events and the likes of Badge and Sydney Junior Team Tennis, and any inter-club competition, which have already been postponed. In line with current public information from the NSW Government, and the Office of Sport, community sport will not be permitted during this period.

For clarity, local club competition can continue within your club or venue, for example midweek social competition provided that it complies within the Public Health Order.

Coaching can continue and we advise that it is delivered within the required limits. Preferably in one-on-one or small group sessions (no more than 10 people) for a short period of time and all participants must adhere to social distancing and COVID-19 protocols.

Indoor premises including clubhouses, pro-shops and changing rooms should close except where you can offer and sell take-away food and beverages, under the Public Health Order.

Regional NSW Update

For Regional NSW, we wish to clarify that community sport can continue and therefore organised competitive play is permitted. This would include local competitions, competitive match-play (UTR), coaching and holiday camps, provided all other aspects of the Public Health Order are adhered to. A reminder that mask wearing is now compulsory in all indoor and non-residential environments across NSW.


Tennis NSW wants to ensure that tennis can remain open for the benefit of everyone’s physical and mental health, so please look to support the restrictions in place and ensure we can provide our sport in a safe way. Please refer here for all guidelines.

Please ensure that you adhere to all COVID-19 hygiene and social distancing protocols. Tennis NSW appreciates the efforts of our tennis family in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and keeping our community safe.

Tennis NSW