24 May 2021 | Tennis NSW

New South Wales player and Australia’s no.21 Alexandra Bozovic will headline at the UTR Pro Tennis Tour in Adelaide, providing competition opportunities for current and aspiring professional players from around Australia. Bozovic, a former finalist at the City of Playford Tennis International, enters the tournament in solid form having won the 2021 Realway Bundaberg Open a fortnight ago.

Bozovic will be joined by NSW players Jordan Smith, Alana Parnaby, Milan Krish and Sarah Munro.

UTR Pro Tennis Tour
Adelaide Tournament #1
Player acceptance lists as at Sunday 23 May 2021

Players UTR
Li Tu (SA) 13.69
Moerani Bouzige (Qld) 13.23
Aaron Addison (Vic) 13.15
Scott Jones (WA) 13.11
Omar Jasika (Vic) 13.10
Calum Puttergill (Qld) 12.95
Isaac Becroft (NZL) 12.70
Will Maher (Qld) 12.68
Jordan Smith (NSW) 12.67
Enzo Aguiard (Vic) 12.65
Scott Puodziunas (Qld) 12.59
Edward Winter (SA) 12.57
Alexander Crnokrak (Qld) 12.55
Casey Hoole (Qld) 12.54
Ashwin Vijayaragavan (SA) 12.52
Tai Sach (Qld) 12.36
Ken Cavrak (Vic) 12.33
[WC] Corban Crowther (NZL) 12.17
[WC] Alex Bulte (Vic) 12.11
[WC] Ethan Dunn (WA) 11.77
Players UTR
Alexandra Bozovic (NSW) 11.33
Lara Walker (Qld) 10.69
Katherine Westbury (NZL) 10.61
Amber Marshall (SA) 10.36
Alana Parnaby (NSW) 10.30
Jasmine Adams (SA) 10.12
Roopa Bains (Qld) 10.09
Amy Stevens (Vic) 9.86
Jade Otway (NZL) 9.78
Madi Frahn (SA) 9.67
Tamara Bajagic (Vic) 8.98
Mia Tsoukalas (SA) 8.91
Milan Krish (NSW) 8.64
Grace Thomas (Qld) 8.55
Juliette Robinson (SA) 8.16
Tully Richter (SA) 8.11
Meeka Marshall (SA) 7.93
[WC} Belinda Woolcock (Vic) 11.21
[WC] Sarah Munroe (NSW) 8.44
[WC] Madison Schwarz (SA) 7.72

Tournament information

Order of Play – Monday 24 May 2021

Live stream
All matches will be streamed via Tennis Australia’s YouTube channel here

Additional information

What is a UTR?
Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is an international tennis rating system that connects millions of tennis players around the world to help them find better matches locally. UTR reflects a player’s current skill level based on head-to-head match scores, and rates all players across age, gender and nationality on the same 16-point scale. Every player can have a UTR – from the pros to juniors to social tennis players.