25 November 2020 | Tennis NSW

Tennis NSW held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) last night in a hybrid format with members able to attend both online and in person at Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre (SOPTC).

The online aspect of the meeting was offered as a COVID measure and to provide options for the Tennis NSW membership to attend either physically or online. The meeting at SOPTC was held in a COVID safe environment with physical distancing and other COVID protocols in place allowing the membership to participate in person. This format saw an increase in member participation in the meeting.

Following the elections for Board Director positions, the following individuals were elected to the Tennis NSW Board of Directors:

Ron Heinrich – Metropolitan nominated Director

Rob Nienhuis – Court Operator nominated Director

Brett Bevan – Country nominated Director

Errol Carney – Country nominated Director

The Board and Management of Tennis NSW would like to take this opportunity to thank Ryan Henry, Voyager Tennis for his time on the Board. Whilst, they also wish to recognise the service of Andrew Mitton, Bathurst Tennis Centre, as the Country nominated Board director, for the past 10 years of service to the Board. Alongside his time on the Board, Andrew has continued to support Tennis Country as former Chair and member of the Committee.

Furthermore, the Board and Management would like to thank outgoing President, Kim Warwick and Country director Helen Magill who have provided a tremendous level of service during their time on the Board.

The following special resolutions were also moved during the meeting:

Maximum Tenure – No Director will be permitted to serve on the Board for more than three 3-year terms in any 12-year period.

Causal Vacancy Provisions – Clarification that casual vacancy provisions in the Constitution apply to vacancies in Elected Director positions only and not to vacancies in Appointed Director positions.

The Board will meet shortly to formally induct the newly elected Directors and appoint a President.

For further information, please contact Company Secretary, Hannah McLean – [email protected]