7 August 2020 | Tennis NSW

This June we asked our tennis community to participate in a pulse survey to better understand the challenges our members are all facing and how we can ensure that they are fully supported. We were able to identify some key themes on the impact of that COVID-19 has had on our tennis family:

  • Clubs have been impacted, although the extent of that impact is still to hard to tell
  • Coach operators/businesses are very clear on the impact COVID-19 has had on their operations
  • Minimal cooperation and support towards Coaches from Club committees
  • Support and assistance from local council has been minimal

We captured some insightful responses and we’ve begun making changes to improve the experience of Tennis NSW members.


You told us that you liked the annual affiliation payments but would be encouraged by more flexibility so we will be implementing a quarterly payment plan option for affiliation fees for 2021.


You indicated that the resources Tennis NSW have provided you were good, we will continue to provide useful resources and work towards developing a broad library of support resources for your club or organisation.


You indicated that communication from Tennis NSW is ‘good’, we are striving for excellence in this space and as a result we have recently implemented a text messaging communication service to get important information to you in a timely manner. If you would like to subscribe to our text messaging service to stay up to date with important tennis news please text your name to 0478 122 677. Further to this, we are exploring options to improve existing communication efforts to you through our traditional communication services.

Many of you indicated that you rely on the Tennis NSW website for current and up to date information. We have begun an overhaul process of the Tennis NSW website to ensure you can obtain all the information that you need in one place on a website that is easy to navigate.

The team at Tennis NSW always value the feedback of our tennis community and you can access a full report of the survey results here. If you have any feedback for our team, please don’t hesitate to let us hear it! You can contact us any time at [email protected].