10 September 2019 | Tennis NSW

Tony Podesta, owner and operator of Tony Podesta School of Tennis will celebrate 30 years as a tennis operator in the Cumberland Council LGA this month. During this time, Podesta has not only facilitated an outstanding coaching business, but has proved that tennis can be a tool for positive social change.

During his time in the sport, Podesta has coached approximately 6,000 students in the Cumberland area, and continues to engage with at least three schools per year to continue growing the sport. This includes after school coaching programs, and Cumberland Council School Holiday programs.

Tony has facilitated numerous programs over the years, including a Refugee program which resulted in the employment of two refugees. Nova employment also partnered with Podesta to give potential coaches the chance to learn the skills needed to run a coaching business.

Podesta ran match play and coaching sessions during the Cumberland Council and Tennis Australia opening of Book a Court, providing greater accessibility to members and the wider community.

This year he raised money for Westmead Children’s Hospital & the Aussie Farmer’s Appeal, utilizing tennis as the social change. Over $1,300 was raised for Westmead during “Tony Tennis Family Week” where he donated the money for each family member who invited an additional family member to come and join tennis. ANZ previously donated umbrellas for prizes which Podesta used to give to each grandparent who watched their grandchildren play in an allocated week, with funds being donated to our Aussie Farmers.

Tony is a highly valued coach and club operator in his local area, demonstrating a great relationship with the community and the members of the club. This shows that business success is the by-product of creating an environment where the community is central to the delivery of tennis.

Congratulations to Tony Podesta on a successful 30 years!