21 November 2018 | Tennis NSW

Tennis NSW today announced former ATP professional Kim Warwick as the new Tennis NSW President.

This follows the Board elections held at the Tennis NSW AGM last night at Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre.

During the same AGM, the members elected Brian Morris as the Sydney elected director and Melissa Achten and Wayne Swaysland as the Miscellaneous directors.

The Board welcome the appointment of Kim Warwick as the new President and would like to extend their congratulations to the newly elected Directors.

The Board wish to also acknowledge the long-service of Wayne Pascoe as a Tennis NSW Board member and as the outgoing President. Tennis NSW thanks him for his commitment to the sport over the past 7 ½ years.

Tennis NSW’s purpose is to get more people playing tennis more often. Our vision is fully aligned with Tennis Australia in our desire to connect more people to tennis across NSW and our role is to empower, engage and help the tennis family grow the game.

Vision 2021 is Tennis NSW’s Strategic Plan for 2018-2021 and seeks to focus on how the Organisation can work with our three key drivers – Clubs, Coaches and Councils – to assist them in more effectively growing and promoting our sport.

Tennis NSW Board:

Mr Kim Warwick – President

Mrs Trudy Vonhoff – Vice President

Melissa Achten

Ryan Henry

Helen Magill

Andrew Mitton

Brian Morris

Wayne Swaysland

Jonathan Sweeney