2 May 2017 | Tennis NSW

The NSW Age, the largest junior tournament in NSW, was held last week with champions crowned across all age groups from 10/u through to 18/u.

Thanks to Tournament Director Ellen Gordon and referee Louise Murphy, as well as all the officials and staff for a fantastic tournament.

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up:


Boys singles winner: Caspian Tuckwell
R/Up: Hayden Ciguenza

Girls singles winner: Simone Cameron
R/Up: Jovana Petrovic

Boys doubles winners: Ashton McLeod and Ben Thompson
R/Up: Marco Ciarrocchi and Myron Papadimitriou

Girls doubles winners: Ruby Marie Pade and Jovana Petrovic
R/Up: Simone Cameron and Ruby Thompson



Boys singles winner: Nicholas De Vivo
R/Up: Andre Filep

Girls singles winner: Sarah Rokusek
R/Up: Monica Petrusevski

Boys doubles winners: Haruto Ishikawa and Pavle Marinkov
R/Up: Charlie Pade and Timothy Yeung Packer

Girls doubles winners: Sienna Leeson and Sarah Rokusek
R/Up: Sharon Britto and Eva Lozitskaya



Boys singles winner: Philip Hible
R/Up: Hikaru Ikegami

Girls singles winner: Taylah Lawless
R/Up: Catherine Aulia

Boys doubles winners: Rahul Desai and Shuannon Tricerri
R/Up: Hikaru Ikegami and Eric Tripathi

Girls doubles winners: Catheirna Aulia and Taylah Lawless
R/Up: Noemie Ah Chong and Sarah Munroe



Boys singles winner: Dario Kmet
R/Up: Joshua Kaplan

Girls singles winner: Mia Repac
R/Up: Ashley Allman

Boys doubles winners: Taiyo Harada and Josh Kaplan
R/Up: Dario Kmet and Abdul-Rahim Nasser

Girls doubles winners: Kelsey Lewis and Lia Woods
R/Up: Maya Haidari and Julia Varvarigos



Boys singles winner: Jeremy Hall
R/Up: Michael Wassef

Girls singles winner: Angelina Teakaraanga
R/Up: Lara Caplin

Girls doubles winners: Lara Caplin and Angelina Teakaraanga
R/Up: Courtney Cook and Karina Rakhimov