Information for Clubs & Coaches

Tennis NSW is committed to embracing diversity by ensuring our sport and events are welcoming, safe and inclusive for everyone. We believe that being inclusive is reflecting the diversity of our local communities and that everyone should have the opportunity to be included and engaged through tennis in a way that is positive and meaningful for them regardless of culture, ethnicity or any other defining characteristic.

Inclusion is about providing choice for people to participate in sport in a way that they feel comfortable.


Tennis Australia Resources

Tennis NSW member clubs and Tennis Australia Coach members have access to a range of resources to support engagement with multicultural communities including:

  • Chinese Engagement Guide
  • Tennis explained in 14 languages
  • Case studies for multicultural inclusion with tennis clubs and coaches

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Multicultural NSW

Multicultural NSW exists to build and maintain a cohesive and harmonious multicultural society that enriches the lives of all people in NSW. It is driven by three key principles:

  • Engage with all sections of society and break down barriers to participation
  • Enable equitable access to services and programs
  • Enrich social and economic capacity through cultural diversity as an asset of our state.

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(Source: Multicultural NSW)


ATP Cup Legacy Fund

The NSW ATP Cup Tennis Legacy Fund (the Fund) is an initiative established by Tennis NSW and the NSW Government, as a result of securing the ATP Cup Group and Finals matches in Sydney from 2020.

Under Category 3, eligible projects include new or expanded participation Initiatives – Programs that promote diversity and inclusion prioritising multicultural communities, people with disabilities and female participation.

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