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Tennis NSW is committed to embracing diversity by ensuring our sport and events are welcoming, safe and inclusive for everyone. We believe that being inclusive is reflecting the diversity of our local communities and that everyone should have the opportunity to be included and engaged through tennis in a way that is positive and meaningful.

Inclusion is about providing choice for people to participate in sport in a way that they feel comfortable. As well as mainstream tennis opportunities, there are a variety of deaf and hard of hearing initiatives that people can choose to participate in.


Tennis Australia

Tennis NSW member clubs and Tennis Australia Coach members have access to a range of resources including Blind and Low Vision tennis including:

  • Blind Low Vision coaching webinar
  • Guide to visually impaired tennis
  • Blind Low Vision tournament & event guide

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Tennis Australia has information that may be useful for Coaches and Clubs delivering tennis to Blind and Low vision participants.

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Blind Low Vision Tennis Pathway document

If you are currently coaching a player who is visually impaired and would like to find out more about Talent Identification please contact Steve Manley [email protected]

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Rules & Equipment


The ball that is used in Blind and Low Vision Tennis can be either black or florescent yellow to give maximum contrast with the colour of the sports hall, the ball is also designed to make a noise as it moves and bounces.


Blind Tennis is played on either a badminton court or a standard tennis court using a junior tennis racket.


The standard rules of tennis apply with just a few modifications: if you’re totally blind you’re allowed three bounces, those with partial sight are allowed two. Just like standard tennis, you can play singles or doubles.


Do you have experience coaching Blind and Low Vision Tennis Players or a player looking to get involved in programs and events?

Steve Manley 
Email: [email protected]