1 May 2024 | Tennis NSW

Sport4All and Tennis NSW Join Forces to Champion Inclusion in Tennis Across New South Wales

Tennis NSW is proud to announce a formal partnership with Sport4All for 2024. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in promoting inclusion and diversity in the tennis community across New South Wales.   

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Tennis NSW, a leading sports organisation with over half a million participants each year, making it a top 10 sport for both children and adults in NSW,” said Elysha O’Neill, State Manager for Sport4All in NSW. “This partnership presents an exciting opportunity for Sport4All to expand its reach and support to an estimated 1.35 million people with disability in NSW.”

Sport4All is dedicated to promoting diversity and creating opportunities for people with disability in all aspects of sport. The national award-winning program aims to drive positive change in grassroots sport, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of sport when, where, and how they choose.  

Tennis is a sport for life, with participants ranging from 5 to 65+ years of age. Despite having 2,800 tennis courts and 400 specialised coaches in NSW, only 2.1% of people with disability currently play tennis. Tennis NSW and Sport4All have partnered to increase opportunities for people with disability in all aspects of tennis.

Tennis NSW has partnered with Sport4All to promote the inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of tennis, focusing on increasing awareness, capability, and sustainability in the tennis community, making tennis accessible for everyone, regardless of ability.

“This partnership is a wonderful opportunity for Tennis NSW to expand access to adaptive tennis across the state,” said Nikita Sayle, Inclusion and Diversity Lead at Tennis NSW. “We look forward to working with our dedicated Inclusion Coach to support the development of strategies and education offerings that will allow our organisation, affiliates, and coaches to increase the representation of people with disability across tennis.”

“I am excited to work with Tennis Clubs throughout NSW as they start their inclusion journey,” said Jenny Crandell, State Sport Inclusion Coach for Sport4All in NSW. “In using the Sport4All resources they will build their confidence and capability to welcome and provide more opportunities for people with disability within their community, as players, volunteers and spectators.”

By working together Sport4All and Tennis NSW are working towards a more inclusive future for Tennis in New South Wales.  Find out more about Sports4All here.