14 August 2023 | Tennis NSW

Tennis NSW is excited to work with Black Dog Institute to provide important mental health support, information and resources to all members of NSW’s tennis community.

Research shows every year one in five people in Australia will experience symptoms of mental illness and that 60% of those people will not seek help. The benefits of playing and volunteering in tennis for your mental health are vast, and to build on that and provide added support and resources, our relationship with Black Dog Institute will ensure we can provide education around how to seek additional support for those that may require it.

Together, we will develop a webpage specifically for the tennis community, where we will house all the resources and information that is available. We will also provide topical resources in our regular communications with our members, coaches, officials and playing communities.

Black Dog Institute run an annual fundraising campaign called ‘One Foot Forward’, a month-long campaign throughout October with a goal of walking as many kilometres as possible throughout the month. Tennis NSW is looking forward to participating in this challenge, and exploring ways that we can create a tennis family approach to this initiative.

Tennis NSW CEO Darren Simpson said, “We are keen to work with Black Dog Institute to bring more resources and support to our tennis community. We know the mental health benefits playing tennis provides and with the provision of further support resources we hope to continue to project the message that tennis is a sport that cares for both your physical and mental health.”

We are looking forward to bringing you more content on this in due course.