12 October 2022 | Tennis NSW

Nominations are now open for the six positions of Regional Match Play Committee Chair – a position which also sits on the Tennis Country Management Committee (TCMC). The TCMC is a standing sub-committee of the board of Tennis NSW and is responsible for the administration of tennis activities in the six regions of Tennis NSW.

The role of the Regional Match Play Committee chair is to lead and drive the Regional Match Play Committee with the objective of empowering each committee member to contribute based on their skill sets, promote best practice governance, drive growth and competition opportunities. This includes oversight of the Regional RMS events, Regional Representative team selections and providing key strategic advice to NSW Tennis Country and the Tennis NSW Board.

Candidates interested in nominating for the Regional Match Play Committee chair position can gain more insight into the role by finding the position description HERE. The nomination form to be completed and returned is available HERE.

Representatives on committees are key drivers in the behaviours of the tennis community across NSW. Tennis NSW is committed to ensuring positive tennis experiences for players, parents, spectators, coaches, volunteers, and officials. Click here to see the standards we uphold at Tennis.

Please submit your nomination to Tennis Country Chairperson, Brett Bevan at [email protected] by 5:00pm, Friday 4 November 2022.