21 September 2022 | Tennis NSW

Tennis NSW are currently undertaking a process to modernise the key governance document of the organisation, being the constitution.

The Tennis NSW Board (Board) considers that the current Tennis NSW Constitution dated 24 November 2020 is not contemporary or consistent with modern principles of good governance. Accordingly, the Board has identified a need to review and update the current Tennis NSW Constitution. Further information on why this change is considered necessary is available in the ‘Rationale for Constitutional Change’ document available via the link below.

To achieve this, the Board proposes to undertake an “A for B” substitution whereby the current Tennis NSW Constitution will be replaced in full by a new constitution. The proposed new constitution is largely based on the Sport Australia best practice ‘model’ constitution (which has been specifically drafted to reflect and implement the Sport Governance Principles and Sport Governance Standards, as recommended by Sport Australia) while also retaining some key provisions from the current Tennis NSW Constitution.

Both the Sport Governance Principles and the Sport Governance Standards represent Sport Australia’s recommendations regarding best practice governance for sporting organisations.

The Tennis NSW Board of Directors would now like to share the proposed drafting of the new Tennis NSW constitution with members and to discuss the proposed changes in open feedback sessions.

Three consultation sessions have been scheduled which will be held as online forums. Members have the option of attending on:

  • Monday 26 September at 6pm
  • Wednesday 28 September at 2pm
  • Tuesday 4 October at 6pm

Below are links to two documents being the Rationale for Constitutional Change, which explains the reasons why the Board has embarked on this process along with explanations on some of the key changes, plus the full proposed constitution itself.

Rationale for Constitutional Change

Proposed New Tennis NSW Constitution

The Board looks forward to engaging with members on the proposed new constitution and encourages attendance at one of the consultation sessions if you would like to hear more or ask questions. The intent is for the new constitution to be put to a member vote at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for 24 November 2022 (formal notice to follow).

To book your place at one of the consultation sessions, please click here