1 June 2022 | Tennis NSW

Last Wednesday 25 May 2022, Collaroy Tennis Club celebrated their 100th birthday.

Over the years, Collaroy Tennis Club has positively contributed to the Collaroy and the Northern Beaches community, becoming a space where all individuals regardless of their playing ability could pick up a racquet, jump on court and have fun.

With the help from their devoted coaches and committee members, the club has developed and implemented several programs that cater to each player’s needs, including programs for children with intellectual impairments and disabilities, as well as Rally4Ever charity days to support homeless people and those with mental health concerns.

Collaroy Tennis Club’s president, Vito Cincinnato, said “Every time we expanded, we became a stronger community, family and competitive tennis club. It is a rare sport that allows many generations along with other members of the community to be on court at the same time, enjoying themselves in a healthy pastime. Collaroy Tennis Club fast became a great place to meet friends, exercise and have fun.”

Additionally, the club’s success and willingness to be inclusive to all was highlighted in 2018 when they became the first club in the Northern Beaches to have a cushion acrylic hardcourt specially constructed to enable access for wheelchair players.

Through their strong values, diversity, inclusiveness and social responsibility, the club continues to grow and succeed, whilst ensuring all individuals can learn to love tennis in a positive and encouraging environment.

Tennis NSW would like to congratulate Collaroy Tennis Club for 100 years of fantastic tennis delivery and thanks the club for everything they have done for the NSW tennis community, we are very honoured to have you as a part of the tennis family.