13 April 2022 | Tennis NSW

Dear NSW tennis community,

The Board of Tennis NSW recognises and acknowledges the difficulty being experienced by many stakeholders following the release of the new competitive play framework on 1 January 2022, which is underpinned by the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).

The competitive play changes were implemented across Australia and the impacts have been felt differently in each state and territory. Recently the Board of Tennis NSW met with representatives of the Tennis Australia Board where the concerns specific to NSW were shared, particularly regarding the impact on tournament entries, and more specifically in regional areas.

Discussions on this topic have also been ongoing with Tennis Australia management who are listening to the issues being raised relating to NSW and are committed to continuing to work with Tennis NSW to adjust and evolve using data and stakeholder feedback.

Certain elements of tennis competitions have been performing very strongly over the first quarter of the year and all changes do take time to fully bed in. However, some of the negative consequences being experienced require attention. Tennis Australia have recognised this and will engage in a process with Tennis NSW which examines the issues and identifies potential solutions.

Tennis NSW is committed to pursuing the best possible competitive play outcomes for all stakeholders in NSW, while working within the broad national framework. We appreciate the patience of all members of the NSW tennis family as we work with our national colleagues to continuously improve the competitive play experience.

Thank you for your feedback and ongoing understanding.

Melissa Achten                                                           Darren Simpson

President                                                                     Chief Executive Officer