6 April 2022 | Tennis NSW

Lismore Tennis Club were profoundly impacted by the recent Flood disaster on the NSW North Coast. Along with the wider community of Lismore, the courts and club house were completely inundated, whilst recording a flood level of more than 17 meters. A once in a 100-year flood event. As soon as the flood water slowly rescinded the damage was able to be assessed and the clean-up commenced. The courts were left covered in a thick contaminated sludge and all equipment was destroyed or contaminated. The 2-story club house was significantly damaged, with the water level completely covering the entire building. Even the second story was not spared from the damage.

However, it was there that the club, volunteers and the community sprang into action, rolling up their sleeves to lend a helping hand, trying to salvage what they could and clean up.

Dean Kyle, Owner and Head Coach of On Tour Tennis Academy said, “We had so much help with our flood clean-up and were really lucky to be able to open again so quickly.”

It was from here that Bianca Nugent, Manager of On Tour Tennis and Dean Kyle, wanted to contribute to the recovery efforts and support their community. The club held free childcare tennis programs to allow parents to have some free time to deal with their own recovery and support others in the community. The club also provided free court hire to residents to allow a distraction and escape from the recovery efforts. Additionally, the club also helped directly in the community with clean-up activities, the On Tour Tennis van became a fixture around town full of a small army of willing volunteers.

Bianca Nugent said, “we wanted to take a few days before re-opening to give back and help our community in such a difficult time. It was both a humbling and gratifying experience, with so many people in a much worse situation to us. We spent a couple of days helping out in Lismore, including the clean-up at Off Grid Shop. We held a free childcare morning so parents could have some free time, and we have had the courts open for free court hire the last few weekends.”

Tennis NSW is all about fostering a love for tennis in the community and we are so privileged to have clubs that foster the same love and who help the wider community during such difficult times.