16 December 2021 | Tennis NSW

In 2021, the Tennis NSW Youth Advisory Group (YAG) provided invaluable insights on strategic priorities for Tennis NSW. The YAG is a crucial stakeholder group for Tennis NSW, ensuring that the young people in our sport have a voice regarding the future direction of our sport. The YAG meets four times across the calendar year, and discusses important topics to help shape our strategies. This year, the YAG covered:

Meeting 1: Youth Health and Wellbeing

The students identified ways that tennis can address health and wellbeing. The group discussed how Tennis can embrace diversity, raise awareness and build a culture of support at a local, state, and national level.

Meeting 2: Inclusion and Diversity

The group provided ideas on how Tennis NSW can improve the Diversity and Inclusion section of the Tennis NSW website to ensure that all relevant stakeholders have access to the information they need to access in tennis. The YAG provided suggestions on how tennis could be more inclusive of diverse participants. The group gave suggestions on how events and programs can be inclusive at a local, state and national level.

Meeting 3: Safeguarding Children and Competitive Tennis

The group was provided an overview of the Safeguarding Children Framework developed by Tennis NSW and the 10 Child Safety Standards. YAG discussed how the leaders at Tennis NSW, can show young people that they are taken seriously and how to involve them in the decisions that affect them. The group was also presented the Competitive Play Review and insights into the NSW competitive tennis landscape.

Meeting 4: Looking to the Future

In the final YAG meeting, the students with the Competitive Play update and how Tennis NSW markets the Summer of Tennis. The group discussed the importance of volunteers in tennis and offered suggestions on how we at Tennis NSW engage more young people through volunteering in our sport. The group unpacked why people might feel reluctant to volunteer in your local tennis community.
The group was presented the Tennis NSW Inclusion and Diversity Plan 2021-2025. They also had the opportunity to reflect on the year and the vision for 2022.

Tennis NSW thanks the Youth Advisory Group for their hard work and contribution in 2021 and look forward to further collaboration in 2022. For more information on the Youth Advisory Group click here.