18 October 2021 | Tennis NSW

Dear NSW tennis community

Tennis NSW is pleased to announce further easing of restrictions that have come into effect as at Monday 18 October 2021.

Tennis activities can now take place for larger groups of players and the following changes are now in effect:

  • Any other outdoor gathering is permitted to have up to 50 people. Tennis NSW understands that this will allow those members who are conducting local competition to increase participation. Note that a COVID-19 Safety Plan is not required for this type of gathering.
  • The clause that limited sport and exercise in groups of 20 people has now been removed.
  • A COVID-19 safe outdoor public gathering is permitted to have up to 200 people. Note that a COVID-19 Safety Plan for Outdoor Events is mandatory for gatherings of this type.

If you are considering holding a COVID-19 safe outdoor public gathering, you should note that there are several obligations on those responsible for those events, including:

  • Having a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place
  • Ensuring compliance with the plan
  • Making the plan available to a police officer or other authorised person on request
  • A copy of the plan must be kept at the venue

The operator or venue of a COVID-19 Safety Plan is under a positive obligation to ensure that no unvaccinated adults attend the event. Tennis NSW strongly recommends that any member considering operating such a gathering has sufficient systems to support the checking and recording of the vaccination status of every person that attends the event. For more information on what is required, head to the Outdoor events page on the NSW Health website.

A reminder that every person aged 16 years or older must be fully vaccinated to participate in any tennis activities, in groups of 3 to 200 people. Unvaccinated children aged 15 and under may participate in outdoor public gatherings for sport and exercise and count towards the total number of people.

Please also note that travel restrictions remain in place between Greater Sydney and regional NSW until 1 November 2021.  The Office of Sport has advised in respect of regional travel:

  • Travel between Greater Sydney (including the Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Shellharbour and the Central Coast LGAs) and Regional NSW will not be permitted until 1 November.
  • Greater Sydney residents can travel anywhere within Greater Sydney (including Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour local government areas), but cannot enter regional NSW.
  • Residents in regional NSW are allowed to travel, but can’t enter Greater Sydney.
  • Travel between Greater Sydney and the regions is allowed for work, medical and compassionate grounds.
  • You can’t travel between Greater Sydney and regional NSW for holidays, recreation or exercise, even if it’s just a day trip.

These changes have been reflected in our Return to Tennis Guide and FAQs.

A reminder as per our previous advice that the requirement to be fully vaccinated includes that a person should have evidence of two doses of a certified COVID-19 vaccine, or have a medical exemption issued to them either through a certificate or recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register. 

The NSW Office of Sport advised over the weekend that should an organisation wish to apply to NSW Health to receive an exemption enabling their organisation to host a gathering in excess of the above numbers, this can be accessed through the NSW Health website here.

If you have any COVID-19 related enquiries please contact [email protected] with the subject line COVID Enquiry.

Thank you
Tennis NSW