11 October 2021 | Tennis NSW

Dear NSW Tennis Community

We are pleased to provide our updated advice to accommodate the change in restrictions across New South Wales through our updated Return to Tennis Guide and our updated FAQs.

At the time of writing, the current Public Health Order does not provide for any areas in NSW that are classified as a ‘Stay At Home Area’.  Therefore, the restrictions are consistent across all of New South Wales as a ‘General Area’.

We remind our members that the NSW Government may still choose to designate a particular LGA as a ‘Stay At Home Area’ at any time and we ask that you regularly check the status of your LGA using the NSW Government’s search address tool.

The following important changes for tennis activities have come into effect today:

  • Every person aged 16 years or older must be fully vaccinated to participate in tennis activities in groups of 3 to 20 people;
  • Sport and exercise in groups is limited to a maximum of 20 people, regardless of age;
  • Masks are no longer required in outdoor areas.

For members of our regional tennis community, we understand that this change represents an increase in restrictions from what you have been experiencing over recent weeks.  A reminder that our previous guidance issued on 20 September 2021 was that local competition could take place with up to 50 attendees (regardless of vaccination status).

Please note that this no longer applies and that any public gatherings related to sport or recreation must be limited to a maximum of 20 fully vaccinated people.

For any players who remain unvaccinated, they remain limited to singles play only.

Whilst it is the responsibility of the individual to provide evidence of their vaccination status, we ask that our Clubs take all reasonable steps to check and verify the vaccination status of those individuals who wish to participate in doubles play, group coaching or local competition.

Finally, please note that the requirement to be fully vaccinated includes that a person should have evidence of two doses of a certified COVID-19 vaccine, or have a medical exemption issued to them either through a certificate or recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register. 

For any enquiries please email [email protected] with subject line COVID-19 ENQUIRY.

Thank you and stay safe
Tennis NSW