20 September 2021 | Tennis NSW

Dear NSW tennis community

We hope you are all keeping safe and well and we again thank you for your patience as we work through what the changing of restrictions means for tennis in the various areas within New South Wales.

As we welcome the easing of restrictions in some parts of the state, and soon for the wider NSW community, there are a number of changes that will occur to what is allowed in relation to tennis activities.

On Sunday 19 September, the NSW Government announced that from 12:01am today, the areas of concern subject to the highest levels of restrictions would have some restrictions eased and be subject to the same restrictions as the rest of Greater Sydney. For the purpose of tennis activities, the areas of concern and the stay at home areas are largely aligned, other than the issue of “authorised workers” which will remain. It is important for the tennis community to note that authorised workers will still need to obtain a work permit to be able to enter an area of concern for work purposes.

Tennis NSW has developed a “Return to Tennis Guide” which you can access by clicking here. This guide uses a traffic light system to indicate what is and is not permitted in the different areas throughout NSW. Due to the large number of enquiries received, we have specifically addressed fully vaccinated doubles play in an area of concern and in stay at home areas, as well as group coaching, school holiday camps and local competition in a general area.

You can also access an updated copy of our FAQs that have been updated to align with new frequently asked questions received in recent weeks. Please click here to access the updated FAQs.

Tennis NSW has been working to provide consistent and helpful guidance for our members in relation to tennis activities under the constantly changing Public Health Orders. We have created the Return to Tennis Guide which sets out our suggestions in relation to tennis activities in the three “areas” with varying restrictions. We strongly encourage our members to obtain independent advice in relation to their particular circumstances before considering whether this guidance is appropriate for tennis activities at any club, coaching service or venue. 

We are working to provide the NSW tennis community with a direct enquiry line for all COVID-19 related queries and we will provide that to you shortly. In the meantime please forward any COVID-19 related tennis enquiries to [email protected] with the subject ‘COVID QUERY’ and a member of the team will get back to you within two business days.

Thank you and stay safe
Tennis NSW