16 February 2021 | Tennis NSW

Tennis NSW are excited to launch the PLAY TENNIS campaign following from the national launch last week. The campaign will showcase the product offerings available at tennis clubs across NSW with a call to action that will drive hitters to the website to find a product offering at their local club.

The campaign will highlight Cardio Tennis, a session run by a qualified Tennis Australia coach that combines high intensity tennis drills and challenges to an upbeat soundtrack to cater for beginner to intermediate players wanting to break a sweat and find a fun way to exercise.

You will also see promotion around our ANZ Tennis Hot Shots programs that provides a modified version of tennis with smaller nets and racquets and softer balls for an entry into the sport for kids aged 3 – 12 years.

The research has told us that people play tennis for three primary reasons, FUN, FRIENDS & FITNESS. People want to play tennis in an unorganised setting and adult social play offerings are here to cater for that group. Want something a little more serious? Well coaching may be an option for you. Want something completely flexible and on your own terms? Well look no further than your local tennis club to hire a court and have a casual hit.

Whatever your involvement in tennis, whatever your skill level, there is a tennis offering out there for you. Our PLAY TENNIS campaign caters to people from all walks of life, whether you’re setting a professional goal or have zero tennis experience, you can find something for you.

Start whenever. Play forever. Tennis, a sport for life.